Zumaya throws Minor League game

Lost in all the other news today, so lost that I almost forgot to mention it, was the fact that Joel Zumaya pitched an inning Tuesday in a Minor League game against Houston’s Class A team. He hit 97 mph consistently on the radar gun, according to Jim Leyland, while spotting a quality breaking ball. He gave up a run when he left a fastball up and watched it fly out to right-center?

Another step closer to the Major Leagues? Maybe, but a small step that nonetheless will have him opening the season on the 15-day disabled list. Still, it’s better than having him not pitching at all at this point.

On a side note, look for a few more moves to come down Wednesday morning, None of them are expected to finalize the roster — that might not happen until Friday — but they should help sort through what’s left.


That is good news… And I really like what JL said … we won’t rush Zumaya and he will get there when he does…
Now if Zoom doesn’t rush himself … I think we will have a more than capable Zumaya this season … hopefully, maybe even close to his 2006 form,

After what has happened so far this week, not even going to try and work out the next moves after everything looked in place only two days ago.
Barring Nate or Zach literally falling over, I still think Porcello will start at AAA for further development as well as insurance. I have always wanted selections based on performance. However, being only 20 yo with only 125 innings pitched at A Lakeland, is Porcello’s potential with further development worth that much risk at this stage? Management should let Porcello throw and refine his full range for at least a full season at AAA. He could then bring some fireworks with a relief call up role in September. On balance, Nate will get at least 2-3 starts to show his hard yards put in are producing results.
Talk about a sea change. From seemingly only trading for players over 30 to everyone now being under 30. Sure bringing some energy to the mix.

To comment on a few things that were said regarding Gary Sheffield in the previous post. I am not among the Sheff haters, I actually liked having him on this team, that guy could steal a base, not on speed but smarts. I really would of liked to have seen him hit 500 here in Detroit. And what some people seem to forget and want to blame Gary soley for is killing rallies. To me that is just crazy. This team (except for those first few weeks) didnt have trouble scoring, that really wasn’t the problem. The problem was is that only Gallaraga was the only pitcher that performed consistently all year. The problem was that even if we scored 5 or 6 runs it was never safe. Runs weren’t the problem and no team should have to score 10 runs to win a game and that was the problem.
Regarding Porcello, I think that since Porcello is still up here along with Perry, they are probably seriously considering at least starting him on the big club. Whether that is a good idea well remains to be seen, but until Bondo and Zumaya get it worked out what choice is there??? I was listening to the radio yesterday and a comment was made by a local radio guy that bringing up Bondo so early in his career may have ultimately screwed him up. He was not allowed to work on that illusive 3rd pitch in the minors before being drug up here. And maybe just maybe if he wouldn’t have been forced into duty up here so early he would of been able to develope into the pitcher he has always been so close to being but has never quite gotten there??? Interesting question I thought. And if you bring up Porcello right now are they going to ruin him forever as well?

Good news regarding Zoom

The Det. News is reporting Porcello and Perry have both made the team and that Nate may be released today. I hope they find a way to keep Nate.


Just ran out for a second and heard on the radio that Larish got the final roster spot, Clevlen is gone.

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