April Fools …

This is a new one for the Tigers: Allegedly as a team unity gesture, and probably an April Fool’s joke, not to mention a way to break up the last week of Spring Training, the Tigers took the field today dressed in other players’ jerseys. To go down the list …

  • Verlander and Laird have traded jerseys. Amazingly, they fit.
  • Miguel Cabrera is wearing Armando Galarraga’s jersey.
  • Placido Polanco is wearing Adam Everett’s jersey. Everett is now dressed in Santiago’s jersey, and Santiago has Polanco’s jersey.
  • Brandon Inge and the bat boy have traded jerseys.
  • Carlos Guillen has Mike Hessman’s jersey.
  • Magglio is wearing Al Kaline’s jersey.
  • Fernando Rodney is wearing Leyland’s jersey.
  • And finally, in a switch that would really drive a photographer crazy, Curtis Granderson is wearing Josh Anderson’s jersey. Anderson is now dressed as Granderson.

Those crazy kids …


That’s good stuff.
Sure would be nice to see Kaline out there in RF again!
The Rodney decision is a curius one. Unfortunate that the closer role wasn’t solved over the winter and into this spring. Perhaps it will destiny that determines that one.
One thing for sure—this HAS to be Rodney’s last chance at the job.

Verlander is getting clobbered by the Braves today. He was due for an off day but you hate to see guys teeing off on him..

I was kind of hoping that the box score is another April Fools Day joke.

Ya Matt me too. Verlander is getting clobbered. Is anyone at all concerned that Magglio and Polanco don’t seem to be able to hit a beachball this spring???

Let’s hope Verlander can rebound for the rest of his outing.
Concerns over Polly and Maggs? Yes, Maggs concerns me tremendously. Polly does not. Polanco will likely be among the league leaders in hitting.

Polly looks like he’s working on covering the inside of the plate. I don’t know what Maggs is doing…………..
Rodney as closer must be the April Fools joke. He’s probably next to be released for no return. Putting him at closer would provide a reason.

GK and MARTY…………I want to send you an e-mail regarding the Pittsburgh series. I can use the addresses being listed here?

Great to hear the guys had some fun today…………..sounds like a little team chemistry to me.

It is interesting to see how the fans always have a player on the hot seat. It’s been Sheff & Inge to name a couple. Now Maggs is the buzzword.

My 2009 wish list:

Great starting pitching,
no blowpen,
no boo-gers,
effective managing and
BIGBATS (which happens to be my vanity license plate)


Ordonez has always been on my hotseat. I have always thought he hurt the team defensively and is more suited to DH or at most, LF—not RF.
In LF Inge and Everett will help him on those short fly balls more than Cab and Polly can. Also there is not the very critical facet of the game which necessitates getting to the ball and preventing a runner from going to 3rd.
Offensively Ordonez has shown some amazing credentials but he is also showing a tendency to swing at the first pitch too often which is an indication of losing confidence at the plate. He is aging and this is to be understood.
Will I continue to pick on him?
Only if the denial of truth and media continue to portray him as more than an adequate right-fielder.

Don’t get me wrong Dan, I agree about Maggs. Since that is his position he needs to show a little more hustle in RF. Or is he just not capable of doing better? It is sad to see players slow down, lose confidence and just not play like they used to….and finally ride off into the sunset.

Saw Sean Casey on MLB Network yesterday, he said Sheff was a good team mate.

The season has yet to start and I am already looking forward to May, by then we should see how this team shakes out.

Hopefully JV is open to learning. Today he threw almost 90 pitches over 5 innings. Every time he does this he suffers. he has good stuff and pretty decent command. He HAS to get ahead of hitters and stay ahead of them. He is dominant when he can do that.
Laird has hit the ball really well this spring. Fingers crossed on the production continuing.
Loks like JL is wanting to give Thames some time to heal his abdominal strain. Funny how that wasn’t much of a priority when he was on the “Trading Block”.
Fien back today to pitch an inning—what can you tell us about how he looked JB?

I won’t argue that Maggs is really bad defensively .. so he is not a complete player. Maybe is is still thinking about his knees.
But no other player has given us more offense in the last few … for that price. I remember the days of Higgy and Easely and signing Maggs for that price seems like a steal … just for his offense, The defense is a different question altogether🙂

I returned after a long time to this blog and guess now .. we have to log in every time … It’s irritating … and bugs me more esp. cuz when we log in, we have to uncheck the send me newsletter box … everytime … or is it just me ?

Yes, Dan has been very consistent with his hotseat and Maggs’ place on it. 🙂 Nothing wrong with that, we’ve all got one. There’s my loving relationship with Rodney, as an example.
But seriously, good point about Ordonez playing LF. I’m not sure who would go into right, but it would be a sound move. I have a feeling that he won’t be in RF when this season ends. He will have moved to left, become a DH, or have been traded at the deadline. I do think, because of those short little steps he takes while running, that he appears to be covering less ground than he actually is, but the fact remains that RF needs a more athletic defender. In his favor, while he doesn’t possess a strong throwing arm, he’s very accurate.
I also predict that the bullpen will shake out into a very serviceable one as the season progresses, getting some big outs in big situations. There will be blowups, to be sure, that’s part of the game, but overall not bad.
The AL Central will be a dogfight, with all the clubs struggling for wins. Whoever wins the most division games takes it. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Those games, starting right away in April, will need to be played with playoff intensity. No experimenting, no days off for rest, no managing with tomorrow’s game in mind. Serious business.
And I predict that we will all have a lot more fun watching the 2009 Tigers than we did last year. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out, either.

I don’t post here often, but it seems the last few days there have been many negative references to Magglio. Magglio is an average RF, nothing less. His slow start at the plate has concerned me this year, but that’s all. He has some of the best eyes for seeing the ball in MLB and I hope he starts seeing it better very soon. Maybe you can call him old in a few years, but not yet. Not in the shape he’s in and the history he’s had with the Tigers. This is a youing team now, with just a few veterans. A great mix. Go Tigers!!!!

That was a good story, Bowling 255.
Before the day ends, I’ll relate the joke I played on my wife today. I sent her an e-mail at her job, telling her that over the winter I had secretly applied for one of those Monster.com jobs, the one where you run the Gameday software for the Washington Nationals. I went on to say that, apparently, those apps go out to all the MLB clubs because I had received a call from the Arizona Diamondbacks, of all clubs, asking if I’d like the job. I related how they were so desperate that they were willing to pay 50% of moving costs and all.
I think I made it too plausible, because when she arrived home she still wasn’t sure it was a joke. Just to be on the safe side, she’d looked up the housing market in Phoenix. 🙂

Absolutely Rich, and thanks for asking.
I just lost an entire post a few minutes ago. That’ll teach me to walk away from the computer for a long time with a blog hanging. I clicked to post it and got a mlb log in box. I ignored it and xed out. Didn’t post. Another time I guess……….

So Gary Sheffield is gone. I can be myself as a Tiger fan again. The exchanging of jerseys may seem quite meaningless but think about it a little more. Sheffield leaves yesterday and the team starts to have fun the next day with the switching of jerseys around for the game. How is baseball supposed to be played? All angry like or with a jump in your step and a smile on your face? I cannot help but remember last year when the Tigers started to overcome their rough start and they all decided to play with their socks high like Inge when Bonine made his first start……. Everyone except for Gary Sheffield that is (Todd Jones can be excused – he didn’t do it either). Little things like oil make a car run and little things make a baseball team tick.

All the little things that Sheffield did (not participate, not run out DP balls, make excuses) infected the whole team last year. He was a few cancer cells that spread everywhere. It’s no co-incidence the fun has come back to our Tigers today.

From the “Tigers confident in Perry, Porcello” story…

“Kyle Bloom and Rick Porcello are with a Detroit club that hasn’t hesitated to give its high-profile opportunities quick opportunities at the Majors.”
“So when team officials had their answer on Bloom and Porcello, Leyland brought them into his office at the same time…”
…Is this another April Fool’s joke? Played on the fans as well as Kyle Bloom I suppose (who assuredly knows he was sent back to the Bucs – unlike whoever put that pic of him in the story w/ the caption saying he made the team).

I suppose we should know about Clevlen tomorrow. The guy is talented I hope we somehow keep him.
Porcello’s addition is a pretty good decision. The critics will say he needs more time but everyone is different. Generally most young pitchers do need more time but this guy is ahead of the curve physically, emotionally and mentally. He’ll be just fine and you can bet his arm will be babied.
I do regret that it is unlikely he will pitch in the Seattle series. I will be down the LF line for that 3 gamer and it appears I will get Verlander, Jackson and Miner.
I read the article on Eddie Bonine’s mother. Gotta give credit to him for being able to perform under duress like that. Best of luck to him and his Mom.

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