Porcello update

He's fine. He actually was hit in the back, not the shoulder. He actually threw 15 more pitches in the bullpen after being taken out of the game.


One thing I forgot to say is welcome back Marcus. A fabulous outcome you deserve and love to see you get a chance as a Tiger.
Also forgotten in the moment is the starting race. Porcello keeps making it difficult and Nate just cant seem to string enough together. I think (and agree) they will go with Nate and Zach at this stage.
You have to feel for Mr Illich, some owner we have got. After seeing the tragic Dontrelle earlier this week with $22m outstanding, to then depart with $14m for Sheff is a huge call. You would have to think they will try and get some return on Nate’s $17m through to 2010.

The Sheff and Willis situations are messages from management and/or Illitch. Folks that are overpaid will have to perform and produce. I don’t think they will tolerate hyper-individualism any longer. So Inge, Ordonez, Robertson are going to have to refine their games. I think Nate might be trying but the jury is out whether he can cut the mustard anymore. Ordonez and Inge need to be open and willing to make adjustments. Their bodies are changing and the game is too.
I hope we can put the big bucks lost on Sheff and Willis behind us. Illitch has. We hear that JL is working without a renewed contract. I think Dombrowski has as much to worry about in terms of job security than JL does. Illitch has given his blessing on these huge dollars that have been tossed around and then tossed out and to his credit, isn’t whining about it. But he also must be a little concerned that his GM has been playing with house money.
We gotta move on. And at least now some direction is being pursued.

As to Porcello,
Wow. 10 ground balls only 3 fly-outs. I like seeing that kind of ratio. Hope he has not been hurt too badly. He has pitched well enough to get a start over Nate IMO. Maybe Nate can show something out of the bullpen.
Porecello, Perry, Larish, Anderson—-“The times, they are a-changin'”

As to Porcello,
Wow. 10 ground balls only 3 fly-outs. I like seeing that kind of ratio. Hope he has not been hurt too badly. He has pitched well enough to get a start over Nate IMO. Maybe Nate can show something out of the bullpen.
Porcello, Perry, Larish, Anderson—-“The times, they are a-changing”

Dan .. I don’t agree with you on Maggs … I know he is getting there in terms of age. He signed a conditional deal, cuz of his health … and except for the 1st season .. I think he has more than earned his pay.
With Sheff, if he was hitting as good or close to Maggs, no way would we have released him … and nobody would care if he can play in the field.

I am sure most of us think that the current team is an improvement from last year? … even though we didn’t have any big signings .. and ate some $$$
Now we keep our fingers crossed and avoid any major injuries.

With all the talk of Thames getting much more PT, I hope everybody, fans and management alike, realize how it will go and stick with it. This is a guy who can strike out three times then hit a game-tying homer in his fourth AB. He can stink up the place for a month, then carry the entire team on his back for two weeks. As I’ve said many times, if you want to get 35 homers from him, you have to hang with him. I just hope he can stay healthy in the outfield. Might have to take some of those bloops on a hop, rather than diving.
Pitching: Dan, I saw Porcello’s GB to FB ratio too, I usually check that, and liked what I saw. I see you got one of those dreaded double posts, so we’ll have to call that a “say it twice Price.” 🙂 With Bonderman shelved, it appears they will really need to take Porcello north. May as well, since he’s already been facing big league hitters and he can just slide into the rotation. Don’t think I’d want to keep him the entire season, but runnng out of options won’t be a problem with this young man. I’ll set aside Robertson’s performance today because of the rain, and a bad pitch to Dimitri. I still prefer Miner, but I don’t think that will happen. I think the bullpen is about set for the start of the season.
Bhavin, I kind of think that if you brought back last year’s team and they avoided injuries, their W-L record may be similar to what I expect from this year’s team. But this year’s team will be a lot more fun to watch, I expect.

Good evening TigaBloggers. Lord willing, I’ll be 60 years old next Tuesday, and will also celebrate my 50th. year as a Tiger fan. I’ve been silent for a while, but I’ve read all the blogs every day. It’s interesting to read what people think about things. Over those 50 years, the game evolved into a business, and favorite players evolved into money sharks. Can you imagine a player being with one club his entire career. Thanks Mr. Kaline for those fantastic memories.
It’s amazing that Dan’s favorite Tiger, B Inge is the senior Tiger right now. I just wish that he and Maggs would implode in the first week of the season, so he can say I told you so. This is going to be an interesting year. I make no criticisms of any Tiger at this time. Being old school, I want them to stay a Tiger until they die; sadly that’s the old fool in me talking.
Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts. Rich, I’ll be in Baltimore on the 29th. and 30th. The whole family will be along this time. I think they feel sorry for me. Hope to see you again.
May God bless Sheff, Dontrell, Maroth, Jonesy, the Gambler, and even Lerrin LaGrow. Willie Horton was born 3 miles from my hometown. To wear the old English D, is an honor bestowed to the classiest of all athletes. Play Ball!

Now we are getting to the point, where I can see how George Stienbrenner must feel , to see his Yankees fall short of a pennant, division championship, and have the highest payrolls in AL or NL.
Its easy to say its just money, but its thier money! Sooner or later, somebody has to be accountable. Mr Leyland isn’t perfect, neither was Sparky Anderson. They do what is expected from them, thier jobs, and use what they are given. Sometimes, * I am often guilty of home managing, I am not happy with moves or linups, but it is looking to be a good season.

I hope it is. We paid the high dollars, and from it, I witnessed Maggs take the batting crown 2 yrs ago, from Icharo!… Last year, we saw Cabbi win the hr in AL, hitting a homer every 16.6 at bats…. And from what the stats are for Marcus, 1 every 13, I hope it continues. Speed , and Slugging power.. lets hope pitching improves.. and we may repeat what was an overnight surprise in 2006!

Good night folks..

Great post Greg!

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