Verlander on Opening Day, Jackson next day

Jim Leyland finally made official what was pretty much assumed, that Justin Verlander will start on Opening Day at Toronto. Edwin Jackson will start the second game of that series. After that, it’s still uncertain, but Leyland made it pretty clear that he might like to start Armando Galarraga for the home opener April 10, depending on how the rest of the rotation works out. It would be a reward of sorts for the season he had last year, though I also imagine Galarraga’s temperament lends itself to not getting caught up in the atmosphere.

Look for more on the site.


Did Dusty Ryan really play second base last night?

I very much doubt it. More than likely it was Will Rhymes. Spring Training data entry error!!
Verlander was solid today but our bullpen is looking all too familiar for my liking. I was not real thrilled to see the big boys go to other teams and the Tigers settle for Lyon. I think he will make Todd Jones look a lot better to even the non Todd Jones fans.
Rodney was Rodney, getting himself in trouble ( though the error was the real killer) and looking dominant in the same inning. With Zumaya out and the above 2 guys ineffective or inconsistent–you gotta be thinking they will give Perry a shot at making the team.
Wonder what Infante and Leyland think about JL’s comments of a couple of years ago re him not being a MLB shortstop? Looked pretty good to me!

I don’t think Leyland would know a MLB shortstop if one bit him in the…………….foot. I’ve seen Infante play a number of times since he left Detroit and he always looks good.
So Verlander dominates for seven, Rodney sets up, and Lyon closes. That was our first look at how JL has it planned, and you know how hard it is to get a thought out of his head, once it’s planted there. Okay well, he’s the one with the one year contract.
I will say that it appeared that Rodney was throwing nearly all fastballs, so maybe he was working on that.

You’re probably going to see a lot more fastballs and changeups from Rodney from here on out, and far fewer sliders.

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