Four cuts, Everett, Robertson fine

Lots of stuff today …

  • The Tigers made four cuts today instead of the expected five. Don Kelly, Max St. Pierre and Alexis Gomez were sent to Minor League camp, while Wilkin Ramirez was optioned to Triple-A Toledo.
  • The moves included no pitchers. Nor did it include second baseman Will Rhymes, who remains in camp.
  • Adam Everett was walking around the clubhouse surprisingly well today, a day after he sprained his ankle. He thinks he can be back to action in 2-3 days.
  • Nate Robertson, meanwhile, has no structural damage to his sprained thumb. It’s still pretty swollen, but he’s hoping he can be back throwing in a few days. He thinks he might be able to pitch when his turn comes back around next Monday. “It’s not out of the question,” he said, “but it’s not a sure thing.”


I would imagine that Eddie Bonine, an NRI, sticks around despite the return of Galarraga, because of the uncertainty surrounding Nate’s injury, but Bonine is on borrowed time.
Rhymes is still there because Leyland has always, always carried at least two middle infielders on his bench, and Raburn isn’t impressing anyone (never mind that he’s not really an infielder anyway). Unless Leyland changes this mindset, that’s bad news for Clevlen, Hessman, Timo Perez, and Larish.
There is still the competition for the fifth rotation spot between Robertson, Porcello, and (gulp) Willis, but the ill advised cuts of Casey Fien and Freddy Dolsi have left just Perry and Williamson vying for Zumaya’s spot when Zoomer inevitably goes on the DL to start the season. The last “second lefty” spot is down to Willis, Rapada, and Kyle Bloom.
I don’t want Dontrelle in the bullpen at all. We don’t need a $ 12 million LOOGY, which would be more of a distraction than a help. If he is to make it at all, he needs to go down to the minors, get himself right, and return to the rotation. If he’s wise, he’d accept the assignment, as the Tigers are more motivated than any team to have him succeed, and they may keep him on the 40 man roster- which is more than any other club would do for him. If he doesn’t accept, let him go.
The fifth spot in the rotation should have been Zach Miner’s to lose, but a few good innings from Nate and Porcello, and he’s banished to the pen. Zach was effective last year, Nate was awful. Where is the announcement that Willis will not be in the rotation. It seems a much more obvious one to make.

Nice little honour for Porcello to open the pitching with our premier lineup on display.
Management is sooner or later going to have to start making decisions on performance and not pay scales. Surely that was one of the lessons they learned from 2008.
Instilling some youthful energy amongst the seasoned aging pros would work wonders.

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