Zumaya throws off mound

Feels like I’ve written this before — though technically, Joel Zumaya started throwing off a mound last time before I got down here — but head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Zumaya threw a “light” side session off of a mound this morning and felt good. I use quotation marks for light because with Zumaya, it can be relative at times. The duration of it, though, was light. They’ll see how he feels tomorrow and then set up a longer session for him.

Jim Leyland called it good news, but said he still doubts whether Zumaya will be ready when the season starts. He would like to get to a point where he felt comfortable pitching Zumaya on back-to-back days.

“It’s starting to become a real short Spring Training,” Leyland said.

In camp game news for Tuesday, add Armando Galarraga to the pitching list for that game. He’s go for about 65 pitches Tuesday, then get an extra day of rest before getting into an actual game next Monday against the Nationals at Viera. If you project out every five days from there, that would put his first regular-season turn on April 9, the final game of the series at Toronto. But for all we know, he could get another day of rest and pitch the home opener. Leyland said today he has a pitching plan set for Opening Day, the next day and he thinks the home opener April 10, but he isn’t ready to announce it yet. Verlander and Jackson appear to be on schedule for the first two games, respectively.


One must stay positive so good to see Jackson continue the good recent form by the starters.
After today’s nightmare duet by Rodney and Lyon, I bet management is now wishing they didn’t send Fien down. The guy is 25, has a history of throwing strikes and keeping the ball in the park, something all our relief and closing pitchers have struggled with the past two years.
Perry is now looking a shoe-in to stay with Zoom unlikely to (ever??) be fit in time.

Not a real comforting game today, combined with yesterday. Rodney looked okay at the start of spring but as time goes on it is looking less and less as though he can be effective. Lyon, I dont think that this was actually what we are going to get. It is not in him MO to give up that many homeruns (I looked at his stat page) He actually has been pretty good this spring. It has been really hard to judge this spring and where we think we are at since a good chunk of the team isn’t here. I thought it was interesting that none of guys from the Venzezulan team didn’t play today. I know that they were in Lakeland on Sunday. Other guys who were on that team played today, It seems as though they get paid a ton of money and have don’t little for the fans and the owner that pay and or cheer for them. They are used to travel and having to play the next day, I find it hard to believe that it was too much for them to do so.

If the title of this entry was “Zumaya throws off arm” I wouldn’t be shocked.

I say you don’t bring him back until you can him pitch back to back games – just like the skipper said.

I didn’t expect the WBC guys to travel all the way to Ft. Meyer today, but it was good to see Sheffield stick to his west coast agreement. It will be interesting to see who makes the trip to Port St. Lucie on Wednesday. I’d assume they don’t have to go, but it might be a nice gesture. I bet Granderson makes the trip.
We’ve had a number of pitchers step up this spring. Can’t say the same for the hitters, for the most part. Of the regulars, Santiago has been showing his stuff, Everett is respectable, and Inge has been where he needs to be, plus a good OBP. Laird has been a terror. The guys who seek to make the big club haven’t fared so well, with the notable exceptions of Perez and Clevlen. I see that Brent has only 8 Ks in 42 ABs. That’s quite an improvement.
I’m not sure why the organization seems to think that Rodney will suddenly become something other than what he’s always been. He’s the oldest pitcher on the staff and shows no real signs of being anything other than consistently inconsistent. There are some youngsters who are just about ready to go………………..

A fond farewell to old friend George Kell. He’s probably remembered by “younger” fans mostly for his TV work up until 1996, but there were a few golden years in the 60s when some of us had the pleasure of listening to George and Ernie together. They simulcast TV and radio, with each doing half the game on one or the other medium. As great as Ernie is, George was about as good. In fact, I’d hate to have to live on the difference.
In a day and age when announcers deliberately choose signature calls, Kell’s natural style beats them all. Does anyone remember:
“He might be gonna make a pitching change.”
“There’s a LONG belt!”
And the best of all, “Good afternoon everyone. George Kell along with Ernie Harwell…………..”
RIP George Kell.

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