Zumaya plays catch again

Joel Zumaya played catch again on Friday, this time from 90 feet. No timetable yet on when he might throw a side session; that will probably wait until the medical staff sees how he feels tomorrow morning.

Other injury news …

  • Placido Polanco said he felt fine after bruising his left thumb and right pinky finger on a hit-by-pitch Thursday night. He had three at-bats and a two-run single Friday.
  • Marcus Thames still has to get treatment on his strained abdominal muscle, but he’s back in playing shape. He had two hits and a walk in three plate appearances.


Last weekend of WBC. Yeah! Win or lose, just get the Tigers back in camp and lets get the team together and start really getting ready for the season.

On Tuesday this week are the Tigers going to cut their roster down to about 30 players and go with that and see what we got?

I am really glad that Placido’s hand is okay, and no broken bones. Seeing the reply on tv, I could only think of last springs mishap- that started off Grandy’s season to a slow cautious start.
It looks as if Bonderman is picking up where he left off, and Nate is proving to everybody, he will be the “left handed “arm on the starters staff. He sounds like he has come full circle and returning to the good pitcher he was that I remember him from ’04. GO NATE!… Nobody can always be dynamite, but strong starts, and showings do help rise you to the top.

Just looking at some of the quality young players makes you proud that the Detroit Franchise has these men sign on.

I can see where Dontrelle is struggling, and read where he started to go back to his high leg kick, out of old bad habit.
He might need AAA to come back from there? He isn’t ready. He is improved , but not the quality of Zach or Nate.

I do have to comment, and wonder how A. Gallaraga will do, if he’s seen enough pitching time in the WBC this spring?

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