More aggressive at the plate

One thing that particularly bothered Jim Leyland about Thursday’s loss to the Braves was the number of strikes that his hitters took, especially in scoring situations. At one point, he noted, they had a man on base and saw 10 strikes, swinging at only one of them. But rather than yelling at his hitters, he made a point to some of hitters on one of the fields during batting practice.

“It’s not something you get on them about,” Leyland said. “This ithe time you put their arm around them and say that in these kinds of situations, you have to get a swing off. There’s one thing about it, you can’t knock in a run without swinging, unless you get hit with the bases loaded or walk.”

To be fair, they still had their moments. All three of Collin Balester’s strikeouts over his four innings were called, two of them in the second inning after  Jeff Larish leadoff walk. That fourth inning, however, saw four runs come in without an extra-base hit. Six Tigers singled. And overall, there seemed to be a more aggressive approach.

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