Bonderman gets through outing

Two innings and 29 pitches will be it for Jeremy Bonderman in his first Spring Training outing. He gave up two hits and two walks while getting ground balls for five of his six outs. Fastball around 89-91 mph with a couple good offspeed pitches.

Dontrelle Willis is up next.


So I tell Alschu1 that they’ve been using the DH in NL parks all spring, then tonight is the first one that they don’t. No Sheffield. Sorry man.
Since the last time Michigan played in the Big Dance was while I was still living in Michigan, it never occurred to me that their game wouldn’t be shown here. Duh. The DVR certainly wasn’t necessary. Anyway, Go Blue.
I thought Bonderman looked fine. If he suffers no ill effects from his outing, I’ll stick with my offseason prediction that he’s going to have a big year. Willis is another thing. I’m seeing improvement, but it’s such a slow improvement that it appears he’d need to start the season in the minors again. Wonder if he’d go for that a second time? I think the guy can get there, but it’s going to take awhile.
Meanwhile, nearly everybody that comes in from the bullpen continues to excel. Two weeks left to sort it all out, but it’s appearing to be one of those nice problems to have. I’d say Rincon has pitched himself onto the team at this point, and I have no problem with Perry coming north to replace Zumaya. I don’t think Ryan will suffer injuries like Zoom because he uses a proper delivery. Zumaya’s delivery is an injury waiting to happen. The second lefty will be an interesting decision.
Position-wise and barring injuries, I’m not seeing Raburn making it. We’ll take lefties and since Larish can play third and Santiago can play second and short, Raburn is left as an outfielder. Barring a trade, that leaves Clevlen to go elsewhere. Correct me if I’ve got any of this wrong. I’ve got a bench of Thames, Larish, Santiago, and Treanor.

No room on this club for Hessman, Raburn, Clevlen or Ramirez as long as we have Thames around. I know he is insurance against the next injury with Sheffield but on the other hand it might be wise to try and get something for him to open up a spot for someone who can fill in defensively in the outfield in late innings. Guillen and Ordonez in a tight ball game do not excite me and I would much rather have Clevlen or Thomas out there to lend a helping hand to their pitchers. Obviously Thames does not bring that part of the game to the table. Raburn is a decent, if ordinary, ballplayer with some versatility but looks to much like Brandon Inge at the plate for my liking.
That being said, you gotta appreciate what he has done in a limited role and he is one of a very few guys on this team that can carry it for a few games at a time.
I think Willis is pretty much done. He has been a big mistake and DD should just put his tail between his legs on this one and cut his losses. This is a ball club that does not need a potential demoralizing influence.
One only hopes that the bullpen’s overall performance (which is going to cause some serious considering by management), will continue to perform when the squad is selected. I wouldn’t mind seeing Perry make it and agree with Rich on the liklihood of that event if Zumaya fades away once again. I would like to see them give Fien a fair shot–with the supposed improvement on the left side of the infield it makes good sense to me to have a guy who throws strike after strike after strike.
Miner is battling it and this may be opening the door for Robertson, I hope he can handle it because Nate doesn’t have many more years left in my opinion.
Be interesting to see Porcello but I doubt they will take a chance with his arm this early in his career.
Ramirez looks like a keeper and a September call-up-as does Rhymes
Don’t know much or have heard much about Don Kelly but he seems to have hit well and made a pretty catch today on a pop fly down the line.
Still have concerns with G-Man and Bonderman. Galarraga needs the work and needs to be with his new pitching coach.
And it would be a great thing to see Curtis finish with some panache in the WBC. He is one guy whose confidence seems to react strongly to either positive or negative performance.

Since Sheff didn’t play last night because Atlanta did not allow the DH this tells me Sheffield will not be playing in the remaining National League road games at NYMets, at Atlanta, at Washington and probably 1 of the games at Turner Field in Atlanta. So, I wonder if he will be traveling to Ft. Meyers for the Boston game on Monday.

I would be hard pressed to say that there has been improvements when it comes to Willis – I see very little in that regard. Then again, I’m not there watching these games so it’s hard to say. Dontrelle is a great guy and I want to see him succeed in Detroit but I’m pretty positive that it has gotten to the point where it’s the minors or hope you can trade him away. Amazingly, I would not be surprised if he accepts a minor league assignment. One thing we can never take away from Dontrelle is the incredibly positive attitude he has had during this entire ordeal. Could Dontrelle ever blame the Tigers for wanting to send him down? Atleast it would demonstrate that they haven’t completely given up on him.

oh, and go Spartans!

Sheffield usually doesn’t make the trips to the east coast of Florida, since he lives in Tampa and has seniority. He might travel to Fort Myers, since he can drive down from Tampa. We’ll get a better idea in a couple days.

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