USA, Venezuela advance

Team USA's comeback in the bottom of the ninth Tuesday night pushed the Americans past Puerto Rico and into the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic. Venezuela already advanced the previous had advaced a night earlier.


When the Tigers travel to Disney tomorrow to play Atlanta will they be allowed to use the DH? Just wanted to know if Gary Sheffield will be playing.

Hey Jason – any idea if Curtis Granderson is going to be doing his blog for ESPN again this year? After this one, it is my 2nd favorite baseball site!

I was thinking during last night’s USA-PUR matchup that the quickest way for people in this country to get caught up in the WBC is to have a depleted, underdog USA team pull out a hard fought win then play in this weekend’s final round. That’s exactly what happened. Yes, I was rooting for USA, regardless of when Granderson can rejoin the Tigers. How can you not? Good game, very exciting stuff. I questioned every move Davey Johnson made, but nearly every one of his moves worked out. I was in mid-season form. 🙂
Grandy looked like a flag out there with his red white and blue phiten necklace and eye patches.
To my knowledge, the DH has been used in all Tigers ST games. I think the NL managers like to get an extra guy in there. Just my luck that Michigan’s first NCAA appearance in eleven years is the same time as Thursday’s Tigers TV game. I may have to Tivo something.

Curtis will be doing his blog somewhere online. Not sure if it’s going to be ESPN or somewhere else.

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