Guillen at 3B tonight for Venezuela

Remember when Carlos Guillen said a few weeks ago that he would only play for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic if he was to play in left field? Well, his first game in the field in the Classic is apparently going to be at third base instead. With Melvin Mora injured, manager Luis Sojo talked to Guillen, who agreed to start at his old position.

“I talked to Carlos before the tournament,” Sojo told reporters a little while ago. “I don’t want any distraction. It’s a new position for him. And he said, ‘Luis, we came over here to win. If you want me to be DH, I’ll be happy to do so.’ Today we’ve got this situation with Melvin. He’s not going to start. We needed a third baseman. I talked to Carlos and he said, ‘I’m the guy.’

“That’s what you want to hear from your players, especially Carlos. He’s a very versatile guy. He plays so many different positions. If Melvin was playing today, there’s no doubt in my mind that Carlos would play left and Magglio would be the DH.”

It has been an evolving situation with Tigers players and the Classic. You might remember when Curtis Granderson was named to Team USA that the plan reportedly was to have him be part of an outfield rotation, one that changed as other players came on and off the roster. He has only started twice so far, but will start in center field tonight as an injury to Kevin Youkilis puts the American roster on shuffle again.


Hey, great to see the V-boys string 7 hits without a strike out and Gman even got to pitch!! Oh, and by the way if you missed their first how many games, Japan is playing Korea next. I am starting to feel ground hog day all over!!

That guy is versitale, 3B, 1B, SS, and LF!!!!!!!

I love players like this.

I am very disapointed that the USA vs. Venezuala game was not posted, or repeated on the ESPN channels. I don’t know if it was the cable companys fault, but how do they expect to broaden the popularity of a “world baseball classic”, held in the spring, if people don’t even get to see it, untill its yesterdays news?


Who’s your team in the tournament? For some reason, I think its Kansas. If that’s the case, here’s hoping that MSU and Kansas lock horns in the sweet 16. I love baseball but its hard to beat March Madness…

Watching Adam Dunn, whom I like, try to play firstbase last night was painful. I can’t believe there aren’t more firstsackers on the provisional roster. If one thinks about it for one minute, one realizes there are a boatload of American stars and superstars at that position.
We fans are taking a hit for not being involved in the WBC. We’re taking our cue from the lack of interest being displayed by American ballplayers. I know I don’t like handing over the guts of the Tigers to Venezuela while our own citizens can’t be bothered to play in the thing.
On to better things. Looking forward to seeing Bondo pitch tonight.

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