Robertson on Friday, Porcello Saturday

The cut on Rick Porcello’s right index finger continues to bleed when he tries to throw, so his next outing has been pushed back from Friday to Saturday, when the Tigers visit the Yankees. It’s possible, Jim Leyland said, that they’ll need to push him back again. He needs to be able to throw a side session before they send him out in a game, and that hasn’t happened yet.

The ripple effect means that Nate Robertson will start Friday against the Nationals instead of Thursday in a camp game. Supposedly the camp game is now canceled, so there won’t be much of anything going on around the complex Thursday afternoon.

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Verlander’s performance was obviously a 100% reversal of his previous outings.
The Houston announcers have been discussing the WBC. After listening to a number of these conversations and various comments, I have the impression that most MLB people don’t care for the WBC but find it politically incorrect to say so. I also gather that most Americans don’t give a hoot one way or the other about it. With some exceptions, attendance has been rather low. Just my impression. Any baseball-starved fan in March will enjoy competitive baseball, but the potential risks to his team makes for a “hold your breath” feeling, along with that nagging wish that certain teams just get eliminated quickly. Myself, I’d be fine if they never held another one. American baseball fans grow up living and dying with their team, it’s ingrained, and I don’t foresee that being overtaken by a nationalistic interest in the WBC.
Venezuela will play over the weekend and is Galarraga ever going to pitch again? He pitched an exhibition game two weeks ago today and he’s thrown a total of four innings since then. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sustains some injuries this season.

I agree with you whole heartedly (spelling) regarding the WBC. I was praying last night that Puerto Rico would win so that the guys from Venezuela would be closer to heading home. Not only has Galarraga not pitched, Carlos has played no left and is not getting used to the position. I know that he only agreed to be on the team if he would be allowed to play left. Magglio is getting harrassed by his countrymen and is not playing well. The announcers even said last night they thought it was affecting him. Curtis is getting very few at bats and here we are with half of our starters basically starting weeks behind. I hate it and I hope they lose.

Okay, this game was called an official tie after 10 innings but they played an 11th inning? Gotta love spring training! Okay kids, line up and shake hands with your opponents. Timmy, pick up the batting tees. Heather, your mom’s waiting in the car. Everybody else, ice cream!

Rich- you crack me up!

I, too, don’t like our team being away so long. Is there a reason this can’t be held after the World Series? Who is behind the WBC anyways? Is it MLB’s attempt to spread baseball fever? Doesn;t seem like it’s worth it to me.


A tie? What? This is major league freaking baseball. I don’t care if its Spring Training, they have about 10,000 guys on each bench– send some kids out and finish the game. ARGH.
As far as the WBC is concerned, I understand the worry over our players but I llike the games and am rather ashamed at the US fans lack of interest. I think games like last night’s PR vs. Venezuela game are great. I agree that it is tough in Spring Training but come on guys, we’re talking about baseball. Its supposed to be fun and competitive. I’d much rather watch those games than Spring training games that end in a tie. A TIE!?!?
Just my two cents.

The tie in Spring Training games is meant to keep teams from having to stretch pitchers too far at this point in the spring, or use pitchers on shorter rest than they want. Usually the two teams will agree to go a certain number of innings past nine based on how many pitchers they have available to pitch today. They’re on a pitching progression to get them ready for regular-season games like that. Sure, it seems strange, but I also saw a B-game four years ago that went 12 innings on purpose so that the Tigers and Reds could get enough work for all the pitchers that needed it.

Yeah, I’ve been watching the games. They’re there, so I’ll watch because it’s baseball after several months without. Some darned good games too. I am glad they’re only going to do this every four years and nobody gave me a say in the matter anyway.
One problem is the divergent approaches the different nations take to the WBC. Japan is practicing for it in February. Most nations take it very seriously as a point of national pride. Since it’s not going to go away, there are some things I’d like to see changed.
The entire series should be compacted. There’s no point in having days off within a round. Baseball is a daily game, so let’s play each round daily and speed up the entire process. If that means more pitchers, then get more pitchers.
Move the WBC back to an earlier date, before spring training begins. Selected players will report to their WBC teams a couple weeks before it begins so they can be in some kind of playing shape, and will have worked together as a team. Participating countries will also have selected their players far in advance of this, reserve rosters included. This also provides more healing time for any injuries that may occur.
Addressing just the USA entrant, either take it seriously or don’t participate. Select your team by the end of the previous year, with the keyword being TEAM. You don’t need All-Stars, you need a carefully constructed roster that fills all the needs a real team would have.
So let’s play it, end it, THEN start the MLB season with spring training.

I don’t mind the WBC but feel it will end one to two weeks too late before the season starts – tough on pitchers and players who don’t get regular playing time – Curtis looks lost also together with the earlier comments on Carlos, Maggs and Gman.
Surely they can come up with a better format – Japan is now playing Korea for the third or fourth time with the loser still not eliminated. A best of three knockout seeded straight knockout competition would get it over far more quickly with the Asian teams starting one week earlier and their winner coming over to play knockout winners of Rest of the World, South America and North America in the smi’s and finals.

I love watching the WBC and have been thinking that maybe this is the way baseball will be played in the future. Maybe the US will play in the US league and then the rest of the teams around the world compete for the final title…somewhat like soccer. But I also hate not having our full team together until the end of spring training. It’s a bummer!

I must be out of the loop – what kind of problems is Mags having with the Venezuela team? I too think the WBC takes away from the team preparation, and if it affects the prep of our stars, I am really not thrilled with it. I would even go for it as a fall tournament, played after the World Series.

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