Miner growing frustrated

Zach Miner hasn’t been putting up solid numbers in his starts, and as Spring Training heads into its final few weeks, he very much appears to be on the outside of the fifth starter competition. For someone who believes he can be a starter on this staff and would very much prefer that over relief, it’s building some frustration from him. Monday’s outing, which he gave up a four-run opening inning, percolated it some more.

“Oh yeah, I’m clearly frustrated,” Miner said. “I’ve been working hard. I got here two weeks early to Spring Training to start working. It’s just the last few outings, things haven’t been going my way. That’s frustrating, because you’re putting the work in and you feel good physically. Whether it’s the delivery out of sync or you just don’t make the pitches when you need to or balls fall in, it gets frustrating.

“You can handle it once or twice if you don’t get the results that you want, but after a few of them, it’s kind of like, ‘All right. Uncle.'”

In Miner’s case, it’s three out of his last four outings in which the numbers haven’t been strong. And this was the first one of the bunch in which he struggled with walks, three in as many innings. In terms of his pitches, though, he says he feels strong.

“”If I wasn’t fighting for a job, despite the numbers, I would feel great about myself getting ready for the season,” Miner said. “I’m throwing strikes. I’m feeling good physically. My pitches are coming around. It’s one of those things where if your spot’s guaranteed, nobody seems to worry about Spring Training if you don’t get the results or your numbers don’t look good.”

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I feel for Miner. I also feel for Mr Illich in what to do with his two left hand problem childs burning a hole in his pocket.
Good to see the relief corp starting to hit some balls and our relievers are really taking shape. Would like Lyon to get more ground outs though but hey, we have lived through watching Todd Jones close and he got great results even if the road was rocky.
Thanks Jason about the feedback on the team not using chiropractors. I am not that surprised as I have never come across a doctor who supports their use – something like them being either one step up (or down) from witchdoctors.
All I can say is our starting pitchers should start using chiropractors to help regain/retain spinal flexibility. Loss of ball movement and pitch sharpness can only come through loss of body torque and muscle tightness in the shoulders, issues readily handled far more quickly by a chiro than by massage or physio.
That also goes for anyone who constantly feels tired and lacking energy, suffers headaches or sinus issues. A simple test of whether you have poor neck alignment and flexibility is while sitting, you should be able to only turn your neck without straining and easily see at least back behind you.

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