Porcello scratched for Sunday

Just got back from the clubhouse, where the Tigers announced that Rick Porcello will NOT start on Sunday. He cut the nail on his right index finger on a ground ball during PFP, and will be held back for two or three days. Jim Leyland said he was told it was a 50-50 shot that he would be able to play.

“Fifty-fifty is not good enough,” Leyland said. “I wouldn’t pitch anybody who had that situation.”

Alfredo Figaro will start Sunday against the Nationals instead.


Nice to see the team play well. Willis is obviously a concern and it is disappointing on a couple of levels—one in that he seems like a good guy and a good team-mate; the other , that the Tigs really could use him to contribute.
My gut feeling is that he is quite likely done- and if they can get anything for him at this point they should.
Robertson’s story is a little more encouraging.
I wonder if they will ever get anything for Big Mike Hessman? Seems like the head honcos feel they can’t afford a sub .250 hitter at 3rd base? There’s a twist.

At least it’s only a couple of days missed for Porcello. Hope he recovers quick.

I just checked the AP story on the WBC game in Miami where Venezuela beat Netherlands 3-1. It said Magglio Ordonez played left field and was booed by the South Florida fans because they know he is a big Hugo Chavez supporter and the Florida fans despise Chavez. Florida fans are free to express their opinions whereas I wonder if Magglio feels he has to support Chavez because he is a famous baseball player and therefore has to support him publicly. Anyway, I noticed that Carlos Guillen is only batting .176 and Ordonez is not much better, batting .188. Miguel Cabrera is batting .263.

Don’t know if you were listening to today’s broadcast, Dan, but Jim Price told an interesting story about Hessman. Seems he (Price) was talking to Gene Michaels of the Yankees about a thirdbaseman, and mentioned Hessman. Michaels’ response was that Mike wasn’t a very good fielder and Price was trying to convince him that just the opposite was true. The gist of the story was how labels stick with a guy. Unfortunate. I don’t think there’s anyone familiar with the Tigers that doesn’t like Mike. If Inge went down, I’d be happy to have Hessman step in for him, although Larish would be the likely candidate.
Regarding Venezuela’s team, what is bothering me is that Carlos Guillen was supposed to play leftfield and he’s not. He’s the fulltime DH in every game so far. I’d like to see him getting many more reps in left. The way the Venezuelans are playing, he won’t be back with Detroit until the final two weeks of spring training. All in all, I’m not happy with having the WBC interjected into spring training. Another of Bud Selig’s babies………..

As far as the game goes yesterday, yes it was nice to win but it is unfortunate about Dontrelle. I really want him to succeed, I think that he is a head case and has absolutely no confidence. Regarding Nate, yes it is encouraging, but even last year he would have a really good outing then come back with 2 or 3 stinkers. So I wil hold my opinion on that.
Regarding the WBC, I don’t like any of the work that our guys are getting. They are not getting enough at bats or in Galarragas case not pitching enough. I believe that I heard the guys on the radio say (before I went to watch the Wings play) was that Jim Leyland is saying all the right things about the classic like “we did okay last time it was around” but in all actuallity he is concerned about how ready these guys will be for the season???
Regarding Magglio, I heard that it was going on (the booing) in Toronto to some extent as well. I think I read it in the paper.

Good points. Regarding the WBC. It is interesting baseball and it is neat to see these guys play for something else other than money (though they are getting well compensated to be sure), but–is it helping our players?
I would say not as much as if they were here learning how to be Detroit Tigers and playing their positions. Granderson is an emotional ballplayer, he streaks based on confidence. Don’t see sitting the bench and not contributing much as being very good for his confidence level.
Guillen issued a demand that he be played in LF in fairness to his employers-that was a nice gesture on his part but it has not been complied with. When we get him he will be needing to learn his new position with very little time left before the oener. They at least could have alternated him with Ordonez in their roles. Guillen is in my mind one of the most important factors in the team’s offensive (and defensive) success this year. A transformation to a run-producing and capable left-fielder is critical to the cause.
The sporadic play of the WBC participants has given G-Man very little work and I am concerned this will translate into diminished efectiveness for that one bright light we had from the rotation last year.
On the bench strength issues–Santiago keps impressing. Raburn seems to me to be on his way out. Can’t see how Larish’s importance and potential can be denied. I’m still surprised (pleasantly) to see Marcus wearing the English D. Hope Clete doesn’t hurt his arm when he starts to air things out a bit. He is a guy that that brings some other dimensions with him to the ballpark.
I hope they give Casey Fien a fair look. Perry too.
Mixed feelings about Porcello-if he can pitch effectively why not keep him if Willis and Robertson and Miner can’t? I know the book says to groom him a little longer but there have been times when you just throw the book out the window.

Please USA lose tonight. Who cares about the WBC. Not me. I want to see Curtis Granderson back with the Tigers batting leadoff and playing centerfield. He wasn’t even in the USA lineup last night when they lost 11-1. Secretly, I bet that’s what Jim Leyland is hoping for too, even though he can’t say it.

Now, how does Jeremy Bonderman feel today? Does his shoulder feel good after yesterday’s 50 pitches in that simultated game.

Also, how is Porcello doing? Is his finger healed? When will he be pitching next. To me, he is the most exciting thing happening with this spring training. I want him to come North and start in the Tiger’s rotation.

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