Zumaya will not throw Saturday

Turns out Joel Zumaya will not throw in Saturday’s simulated game. He has what head athletic trainer Kevin Rand likened to a cramp between his shoulder and his neck, so he’s going to be held back a day or two. Fernando Rodney also will not throw Saturday; Jim Leyland said team officials decided he had been stretched earlier in the week, so they’re going to hold him back.

Meanwhile, Casper Wells was not available Friday. He has had lingering pain in his elbow after a diving attempt earlier in camp and was getting it checked out by a doctor Friday. No word yet on the diagnosis.


jason, could you maybe talk leyland into a moratorium on outfielders diving for fly balls? what good can come of it? first thames, now wells. a couple weeks ago it was mentioned that granderson made a nice diving catch. does any coach really believe that the reward (which i guess is mainly getting to ‘practice’ such a thing in a game situation, since the actual out is meaningless in spring training) outweighs the *very substantial* risk of injury?

i wonder if bill james or someone has ever looked at if diving for a ball in the OF is really a smart move or not, considering how many get by to the wall, and how many games are lost by starters to injury.

There’s a difference, I think, between diving for balls that one can realistically reach and diving for balls with no chance of catching them. Some players end up doing the latter, sometimes because they’ve misjudged the ball and think it’s closer, other times to at least make the effort. There’s a way to dive or slide for a ball without putting your body at maximum risk for impact.

well, it seems there’s still a substantial risk in diving, even with proper instruction. it just doesn’t seem worth it in spring training. especially for a player like thames.

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