Tigers tryout results

The Tigers had their annual open tryout in Lakeland this week and saw their largest turnout in five years. If you took part in the tryout and you have your number, you can check your grades or velocities on the site here.


Jason, What happened with Freddy Garcia? Did he sign with another team this offseason or is he still out there or what? If he’s available, wouldn’t he be somewhere to look for a 5th starter?


Quick question to ask anyone who’s been with the Tigers for a while. Has ANYONE ever been offered a minor league roster spot as a result of these? Has anyone who ever made it to the big leagues come through this route?

It’s nice the Tigers do this, but I can’t imagine this is really seen be the guys who have to evaluate the talent as a PR related waste of time. If I’m wrong I’d be very interested to hear it. It would be nice to hear a good “walk on makes good” story if there is one here.

I saw that Garcia signed a minor league deal with the Mets. He’s having a dismal spring on the mound, something like 6 ER, 2 HR allowed, 4 walks in 2 2/3 innings.

As I understand it, Jim Morris, the guy played by Dennis Quaid in “The Rookie” was signed from a tryout. At least that’s how the movie went. In Joe Torre’s new book, there’s a funny story about Paul O’Neil being struck out by Morris. Paulie’s going ballistic over a former science teacher getting him out and screaming “who’ll they get next to get me out? A gym teacher? A plumber????”

Of course, Morris had been drafted 16 years before by Milwaukee and had played in the minors, so it’s not a good example. Still a good story, though.

The Tigers have signed guys to Minor League contracts out of tryout camps in the past. Trust me, it’s not a PR move. Most teams do these kind of things. Especially now, you’ll see more than a few former Major League players in these tryouts, trying to get back in the game.

Indeed, Freddy Garcia is with the Mets this spring. In fact, he’s scheduled to start against the Tigers on Friday. Fellow ex-Tiger Casey Fossum is scheduled to pitch in relief.

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