Laird catching

Gerald Laird is now starting at catcher. Dane Sardinha is not at the park at the moment, dealing with a personal issue.


Hey all,
Good to see the blog movin right along! Does anyone know why I havent heard anything about Dusty Ryan? Maybe I am not paying close enough attention, but I havent noticed his name at all. Before the pick ups of Laird and Treanor, he was all we had. His skills seemed quite a bit better then Dane Sardinha. If anyone knows, fill me in. Thanks, Stacy GO TIGERS 2009!!!!!!!

I have seen Dusty Ryan in some of the box scores so he has been playing. I can’t remember anything specific he has done or how he is hitting. Now that Kunkel has been sent down, Dusty may get more time. I think they have made up their minds that he will go to Toledo and the Tigers will use Laird and Treanor for now.

Having seen Dusty Ryam catch in Toledo and Detroit last year, it looks like he needs a little work on his play behind the plate so I’d expect him to spend at least a few months in Toledo or Erie.
His arm is great, and his bat is great, but he has a problem catching breaking balls. Nothing that he won’t pick up pretty quick. I expect to see him in Detroit by July, unless Treanor turns out to be much better than he has been.

I think we are a little thin in the catching Dept. I like Laird but if he goes down we have nothing left but three AA catchers in the whole organization. My problem with Pudge was, how he called a game . H e became too predictable. Two strikes then three outside ,inside, low away then a creamer. Brad Asmus would have been a good choice to be backup but I guess the Giants got him. I liked James Skelton down at Erie but organization gave more excuses than a pregnant Nun to get rid of him. If he don’t make it at Arizona , they may give him back. Gerry from Erie

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