What happened to Perry's goggles

You might remember from last summer’s draft coverage that Ryan Perry wore sport goggles when he pitched at the University of Airzona, much like Nate Robertson when he first joined the Tigers. By now, you’ve probably also seen photos of Perry without them.

So why did Ryan Perry ditch the specs? Did he use some of his bonus money to buy specialty contacts or something?

It isn’t that. According to Perry, his vision prescription changed, and he has to special-order the specs that he wears. So for now, he’s wearing the contact lenses that he usually wears outside the ballpark. Once his new specs come in, he said, they’ll be back on him when he’s on the mound.

If he can wear his contacts in games now, why doesn’t he just wear them all season, you ask? It’s a comfort thing. They collect dirt easily, he said, and they also dry out. They’re some of the same reasons Nate Robertson had when he went to the sport googles a few years ago.


I don’t know guys, the pitching has me concerned. I was glad to see that Galarrage pitched well as it looks like we’re really going to need him. Bonderman’s shoulder scares me and I’m also bothered by Verlander’s early struggles. Jackson seems okay so far but not great. The fifth starter options are scary and I don’t know what options the Tigers have. I can’t see them ditching Nate or Dontrelle as they’re both owed so much money but how can you justify taking up two roster spots with guys that can’t throw strikes. Miner should get better but I was really hoping to see him come strong out of the gates. Porcello is extremely exciting but do we really want a 20 year old in our starting rotation?
Zumaya has been impressive and I’m not all that worried about Lyons. Rodney will always terrify me but honestly he doesn’t matter if our starters don’t get going. Right now, I’m really worried…

Pedro is the answer.

I will second the concerns of the pitching staff Brent. I do think that Justin will be okay though. Only time will tell, but frankly I am not getting my hopes up.

There’s still a month to sort all this out, but I don’t want to get into all that “it’s still early” stuff that we heard last year. At some point soon, it’s not early anymore.
What happens if you finish up spring training and nobody has pitched well enough to make the team? You look elsewhere? Chad, I don’t know what Pedro’s situation is, other than he looked pretty sharp the other day. I know there’s supposedly an issue with how many innings he can work. I certainly don’t expect him in a Detroit uniform.
It might come down to Porcello winning the job through attrition. The most dependable of the candidates is Miner although he could have bad days too. His advantage is a ball with sink, perfect for a much improved infield defense.
No decisions need be made in the near future, but the fact that it’s becoming a topic of discussion demonstrates how people are thinking. And it’s not unprecedented for a club to eat a hefty contract if the player is bad enough.
There has been positive news. Zumaya still looks okay. Rincon hasn’t blown up. Seay has been sharp with fastballs. The bullpen doesn’t appear nearly as horrendous as the one that closed out 2008. It’s just fortunate we play in the AL Central, where 88 or so wins can get you in there.

No offense to Pedro, but if his one outing is our criteria, then let’s give Dontrelle, Miner and Porcello three innings against the Netherlands and see what happens.

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