Leyland: Players decide who wins jobs

The best quote from manager Jim Leyland on the performance was his first: “That’s an ugly Spring Training game. Real ugly.”

“It doesn’t matter where you play or at what level you play. You give yourself no chance if you walk [that many] guys in a Major League game. That’s just uncalled for, in my opinion. That’s uncalled for at any level, and that pretty much sums up today. No one in particular. Everybody had their part, I guess.”

That was about the extent of the evaluations. His point was that he’s going to keep sending guys out there with a chance to win a job and watch how they react.

“We’re doing what we said we were going to do: Here it is. Go show us what you can do,” Leyland said. “Guys come in trying to make the club, whether it be bullpen, fifth starter, extra player, whatever. Show us what you can do. Everybody’s certainly getting opportunities. It’s just a matter of going out, taking the bull by the horns and winning a job. You don’t win jobs for anybody when you walk [that many] people in a ballgame. It’s tough to win jobs like that. We had that problem all last year with too many walks.”

“I’ve said it many times, I think we’ve got plenty of equipment in this camp to do that. I can’t control the results. I look at the results, but I can’t control them. That’s up to the player or the pitcher. So we’ll keep putting them out there.”


Ugly sums it up good, also deja vu comes to mind. Our individual player performance seems inversely proportional to pay scales.
Interesting that Carlos and Maggs are again in DH and LF. Nice to see Carlos get a homer, Maggs looked rusty and Cabs couldn’t find a hole in the first game. I hope they swap roles at some stage to see if Maggs can also handle the DH role. Good to see Curtis starting today.

You probably get lots of requests like this…
I was with the Tiger organization in the mid-60’s with Jim Leyland.

Would you mind giving him my email address? I have seen him once since 1965 and would enjoy communicating should he wish to do so..
Thanks for your time

Dale Baker
1964 Jamestown Tigers, NYP League

It was such an ugly game and that is why I turned off the radio. The pitching staff is leaving a lot to be desired. The only Tigers that had a good day yesterday were Curtis, Galarraga, and Carlos, unfortunately they were in Toronto. They really aren’t giving us a lot of confidence right now for the season are they????

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