Sheff leaves game

He’s suffering nausea and vomiting, according to the Tigers. He batted in the fifth and left after that.

UPDATE @ 4:15pm: Apparently Sheff has a stomach virus that has been going around the Tigers clubhouse. Dontrelle supposedly has it, too, and others have gone through it. Not sure if it’ll affect Dontrelle’s status for his scheduled outing Sunday. Leyland expects he’ll get through it.


Been watching the WBC. Forgive me Tiger fans but I am pulling for Canada today over your boys. I do live there after all.
Except for Curtis though. Wish he was in the lineup.
Missing the broadcast so not sure about the “Art” count!.
Looks like Perry is making a bit of a statement today.
Ramon adds another dimension to this club doesn’t he? 3 hits and 2 stolen bases. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a bit more playing time than he did last year.
Inge had a pretty brutal day at the plate. Left a lot of guys on base too. Like I said, I just don’t think Brandon is going to find his way offensively. That’s a shame as he is a good ball player who plays with some heart.

Not “Jellin'” yet. Team seems disconnected. Dysfunctional would be a bit harsh especially considering the circumstances of so many players in camp and a whack of guys in the WBC.
They do need to pull together at some point though and hopefully they are able to do that before the end of spring training.
For this team to have a shot they simply have to have production out of Inge, Sheffield and Guillen. And solid starting pitching of course.
Missed the broadcast but it looks like Perry did well and Figaro too. How did they look?

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