Bonderman plays catch

The round of medication is complete for Jeremy Bonderman, and he played catch from 60 feet out today with no issues. He let a few throws fly and still didn’t have any problems.

“Felt good,” Bonderman said. “Felt 100 times better than it did before.”

Bonderman will play catch again on Friday, probably from a longer distance. He said he hopes to get back on a mound quickly after that, since his arm strength is still built up pretty well from earlier in Spring Training.


Jason, did Laird get hurt, he seems to have left the game a little early???

from jason’s twitter: “Laird said he felt tight L quad running down line. Left as precaution.”

Sounded like a good performance by the team today, albeit against the Nats. 4 walks shared evenly (none by Rodney and Fien) with 9 strikeouts is looking better. I don’t envy the task of cutting the squad to 25.
Looks like having the World Classic is going to be a blessing in disguise for the Tigers with effectively all the pitchers still in camp. We have 16 more trial games during the Classic with a further 11 games after the outfielders return before the regular season kicks off.

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