Hollimon leaves game

UPDATE @ 5pm: Tests on Hollimon’s right middle finger came back negative, so there’s no damage to the bones in there. Catcher Max St. Pierre’s throw on a first-inning steal of third caught Hollimon’s finger and pulled back the nail. It isn’t torn off or split or anything, but depending on how it looks Thursday, they still might have to remove it. Gross indeed, but it shouldn’t mean any lost playing time.

Hollimon left Wednesday’s game after one inning, replaced by Mike Hessman.

As for Wilkin Ramirez, he said it was a full collision with Panama first baseman Julio Zuleta, and it shook him up a bit. He and the Tigers said after the game that he’s fine. That’s big, because with Curtis Granderson, Carlos Guillen and Magglio Ordonez all off to the World Baseball Classic, there isn’t a ton of outfield depth in camp.


I’ve enjoyed following the Twitter throughout the game, Jason. I don’t know if anyone else is reading it, but I like it. I set up an RSS feed in my browser and I’m reading it in my RSS Ticker (in Firefox).
Glad to see that Porcello and Perry’s outings went well, and that Hollimon’s finger isn’t broken or anything.
On a more personal note, Jason, big thanks for mentioning a particular song this morning. I hope that the act of lodging it in my brain at the very least dislodged it from yours… sigh

Nah, it’s still in my head. The thought of having a fingernail yanked out only temporarily quieted it.

What’s a twitter? I see that word more and more lately.

Three different CF’ers in three days since Granderson left camp.
Wells, Raburn, and now Clevlen. No telling yet whether Leyland will break from the rule that there MUST be two backup middle infielders on the roster, but if Thames is still around, either he changes his mind there or Raburn and Hollimon have the only real chances of being the 25th man.

Thanks for all the info.
I like to read all the comments.
Just have not posted.
Come on Spring and Baseball.
Go Tigers 2009!

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