Curveballs in Bloom

Jim Leyland kept saying he was real pleased with Kyle Bloom’s curveball early in Spring Training. Bloom kept using his other pitches in his first couple outings. Well, Bloom got the message, even if he said nobody intentionally delivered it to him.

“They wanted me to throw it,” Bloom said, “so today I was bound and determined to throw it.”

It’s a good thing he did, because it got him a big out in a key situation. After a Ruben Rivera double with one out in the fourth, Bloom got to face a left-handed hitter in Audes De Leon. He not only walked De Leon on four pitches, but his wild pitch on ball four allowed Rivera to advance to third and set up a sacrifice fly.

Just as Panama had a chance for its first win, Bloom took it away. Facing Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz, a right-handed hitter, Bloom moved ahead on a 1-2 count before dropping the breaking ball on the corner for a called third strike. A popout to third escaped Bloom from trouble, and sent him on his way to two scoreless innings.

“I’m happy to get out of a jam this early,” he said.

What to look for Thursday:

  • Zach Miner gets his first start of Spring Training as he tries to continue his case for the fifth starter’s job, not to mention rebound from a rough outing Sunday against the Pirates.
  • Juan Rincon, Scott Williamson and Fernando Rodney are all slated to pitch in relief. All three of them pitched in a simulated game Monday to give some actual game innings to other relievers, so this will be their first game action since last Friday against the Blue Jays.
  • Casey Fien is also pitching in relief.


Bloom looks like he could pressure Rapada. McBride too.
Willis and Nate are worrisome. Not sure anyone can take JL at face value with some of his “happy-talk”. It was a very short time ago he was raving at how phenomenal Willis was.
If Bonderman can’t answer the bell I bet Porcello gets a call.
Perry looks like he could possibly make the jump. It is a possibility he could pitch in this bullpen, though I would really like to see Fien get a fair chance. What is great about Fien is the simple fact he throws strike after strike after strike.
With Wells, Ramirez, and Clevlen chomping at the bit, not to mention Raburn and Thames, it would seem like a time to at least consider offers for Magglio. I think Maggs will be hard-pressed to maintain a .300 BA, maybe as soon as this year.
I don’t see any chance that Hollimon makes the squad. Short of Ramon getting injured, that is.
Hope we start seeing Carlos start mashing the ball, I think he is a very important cog for us this year.
I hope Verlander and Knapp hit it off. I think he needs a mentor and needs to realize the fact.

Hey Jason – is there a link somewhere to get to your twitter page?

You can find the Twitter page at

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