Dontrelle avoids disaster, salvages outing

Final line on Dontrelle: 3 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, 1 K … It could’ve been much worse with the runners he had on, but he made big plays. He picked off Bobby Abreu to escape the first and rebounded from three walks to escape the second. His third inning against the middle of the Venezuelan order was exactly the way he needs to pitch. His pitches were tailing outside to right-handers in the second inning, but he got them over consistently in the third, which allowed him to change speeds effectively.

“I felt like I was around the zone,” Willis said. “I just didn’t get the breaks.”


Still doesn’t look as though Dontrell is on the right track. Something is whacky with the box score they aren’t showing the line for Robertston or Sheffield???

That’s the way to end it (Baby steps). Way to go Dontrell!!

Did Robertson tire??

Fun game today. Jason, I was seated just to your left up there, so you may have seen me grooving to the Venezuelan band. It was a way to stay warm, as it was cold in the shade. We finally moved on out into the sun on the berm.
Yes I did say Venezuelan band. It was a rhythm unit and they kept up a steady between innings groove going. It’s incredible that outfits like this play DURING gameplay in the Caribbean. Today they were playing at the same time as the PA music.
I had a much better angle on Dontrelle than I did last Friday in Dunedin. There’s one thing that stands out to me so far. That being, he seems to have much much better control and location when he’s pitching from the full windup. When he works from the stretch, things deteriorate rapidly. He was in trouble from the first hitter when Inge lost that tiny pop in the sun, thus the unearned run. I should point out that this ball didn’t go very high, it was in fact a blooper to third, right in the sun. Brandon put his glove up but I don’t think he ever really saw it. Anyway, that put Dontrelle behind the 8-ball right from the get-go. He did do a good job minimizing damage, and his 3rd inning was smooth.
All in all, our two candidates for the 5th spot in the rotation gave up 5 runs in six innings. Not good. They’ll have to pick up their game or they’ll find young Mr. Porcello breathing down their necks.
Bobby Seay was again dominant. He’s looking real sharp here early. Brent Clevlen again drove an extra base hit to rightcenter, as he did on Sunday in Bradenton. Clete Thomas came through with a booming drive to the opposite field for what turned out to be the game-winning double. I’d like to see him go north if possible.
Entertaining game. I didn’t see an eephus pitch from Armando.
That’s the end of Tiger watching for me this spring, as it’s on to see Team USA and Venezuela the next two days.

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