Porcello to start Wednesday

You might remember that Rick Porcello was scheduled to pitch this afternoon. That didn’t happen, as it turns out, because he has been moved back to start Wednesday against Panama. In the ideal/healthy world, that would’ve been Jeremy Bonderman’s spot, but then it became clear that Bonderman wouldn’t be ready by then. It was briefly Jon Kibler’s spot, but it’s clear that Kibler isn’t fighting for a spot on the Major League roster.

Thus, Porcello threw a short side session today. And if you want to read something into that move and what it means for the pitching picture, Jim Leyland left it wide open for you to do that.

“I’m looking for pitching. That’s all I’m gonna tell you,” Leyland said. “You can write whatever you want.”

OK, so I’m going to write that Leyland is protecting himself in case he loses Bonderman for a significant period of time. Before this, there was Willis, Robertson and Miner competing for the fifth spot, with Rick Porcello a long shot. Take away Bonderman from the rotation, and that’s now two spots to fill, and two candidates who had rough outings last time out.

“Obviously, I’m concerned about Bonderman,” Leyland said. “At this point, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned. It would not be good news if something was not right, but I do not expect that.”

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