Bonderman's fine

The exam in Detroit showed nothing serious.

“No problems,” manager Jim Leyland said moments ago. “No major issues at all.”

The plan for now calls for Bonderman to finish out his round of medication. As soon as the soreness goes away, he’ll start throwing again. Leyland believes that will be “very soon.”


Thanks Jason. I’m sure there are a lot of fans who were very concerned about this.
Anybody know when the first Tiger spring game is due to be televised?

Thanks for the update, but let me make one point because I know a little about muscles and tendons and attachments: Bondo, because of surgery, has not had any real stress on that shoulder for some time. Probably his biggest layoff since he was a youngster. Things change. It will take him time to work through this. I’m no doctor but I believe he will be ready to go soon. It may require a little more time than he or mgmt want. I’m sure the training staff is all over this. Give the medication a chance. The Bulldog needs to be patient. Just don’t over do it.

Dan, I don’t know if you pick up FSN Detroit somehow, but they are broadcasting four games this spring, March 16, 19, 22 and the 29th.

I want to believe everything is going to be fine with Jeremy Bonderman and that the doctors really didn’t find anything wrong with his shoulder. But I’m still a little skeptical until he actually starts throwing again and is pain free. Even though the MRI/xrays didn’t show anything doesn’t mean there isn’t anything there. The reason I think this is because that’s what the Tigers’ doctors said about Gary Sheffield’s shoulder last year after an MRI exam. They didn’t find anything wrong. Then after the season Sheff had surgery and they found a torn labrum and he went through a year of rehab. So I’ll believe it when I see it.

That’s very good news. Thanks Jason.
Jason, I read your article on Jeremy, and you mentioned that his surgery involved removing the first rib on his left side? Don’t know how I missed that “little detail” last year but it sounds radical. I assume the first rib is the top rib, and I’m guessing it was the culprit in the pinched vein? And it was on the left side? Did you mean part of it was removed, or all of it? I’m feeling a bit like the only person on this blog that didn’t get that memo.

One more question I couldn’t resist asking…..There was a Kaline in today’s boxscore who played 3rd for Florida Southern. Any relation to Al Kaline? Don’t recall ever seeing that name come up at any level of baseball since Al played.

Hi Marty, I’m not sure about the details of Bonderman’s surgery but do remember something about an entire/part of a rib being removed to help increase circulation.
In regards to the Kaline, that is Al’s grandson Colin. The Tigers actually drafted Colin back in ’07 I believe before he went off to school at Florida Southern.

I think I counted six spring games shown on MLB.TV. That would include the ones GK listed for FSN-Detroit. Go to the schedule on the main site and it will notate which ones are on. Usually one of the teams has to be broadcasting the game for MLB.TV to pick it up. The first one is March 16 as GK indicated.
Bonderman had a rib removed on the right (throwing) side and yes, it was for a compressed vein. Without going into all the details, it’s called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I expect him to make a full recovery from this, but I’m not a doctor although I don’t play one on TV. 🙂
As Jason has said, it’s darned cold here by Florida standards. Into the 30s tonight before a gradual warmup starting tomorrow. We’re attending the Venezuala-Tigers game in Lakeland tomorrow, then returning to Dunedin Wednesday to see Team USA play Toronto. Thursday we’ll see Venezuala (hope I’m spelling that right) – Braves before leaving Florida on Friday, just as it really starts to warm up.
The three missing football players (one Lion free agent) is a BIG story in this area. At the time they put out to sea on Saturday, we were on an island about five miles north of there. It was a beautiful day then, but it turned cold overnight. Sadly, I’m not holding out much hope for them at this point.

Thanks Jason. Sorry about the weather down there Rich. It was all of 5 degrees F this morning with 15 mph wind where I live. I’ll take your 60. But in fairness, I realize it’s all relative. When you spend the time and money to go to Florida you expect to be rewarded with 70-80 anyway. Take care.

Regarding Bondo’s surgery, I believe I remember Kenny Rogers talking about this surgery and that he may of had that surgery and told Bondo that he would feel a ton better after he had it eventually. Jason correct me if I am wrong but I think I remembe hearing that???

We have talked about “keys” to the Tigers this year. Funny how money talks but the real key is if the following 5 guys (3 are starting pitchers) earn their money this year:
Bonderman – $9.5 Million
Robertson – $7.1 Million
Willis – $9.7 Million
Sheffield – $14 Million (yes , that is correct)
Inge – $6 Million

Thanks GK and Rcih.

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