Bonderman seeing doctor in Detroit

Jeremy Bonderman flew to Detroit this morning to have his shoulder checked out by one of the team doctors. The Tigers are hoping to get some news on Bonderman later today. This is something that came together within the last couple days, because there were originally no plans to have him see a doctor even in Lakeland.


If Jerremy Bonderman has an injury then theirs two pitchers the tigers can go after and, they would look very good in a Detroit Tiger uniform and still furthermore they are free-agents. Pedro Martinez and , Ben Sheets. I would go after both of, them because of, their ERA,s in the past yes theiy are right handed pitchers. However when you can get a pitcher in his prime like a, Ben Sheets you have too, go after him. Last year his ERA was only an, 3.09. The problem with the tigers piching last year was the starters ‘ couldn’t get to the seventh ining of a game.

Ben Sheets had surgery on his elbow and is out until at least the All Star break, maybe longer. He also has a history of breaking down as the season goes on over the past 4 years or so.
Pedro Martinez has battled injuries over the past 3 years and hasn’t pitched over 130 innings in that time. He also had an ERA of 5.62 last year in the National League. I’m going to have to disagree on those proposed acquisitions.

Tigers, at this point, do not need to bring any new arms in. Things will sort themselves out. Let’s see what we have in Porcello, Robertson, Willis and Miner. I wonder how old and how much experience Mark Fidrich had we he went north with the team.

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