Sunday tidbits

By now, if you were interested in the starting lineups, you probably have them already from the radio, so I’ll get into a few notes …

  • Marcus Thames made the trip, but then left to be with his wife, who is due to have their first child anytime soon. Brent Clevlen started in his place and just blasted a ball to deep center field in the opening inning for a two-run triple.
  • Jeff Larish was on the travel roster but did not make the trip. His neck is still stiff, and a bus ride to Bradenton wouldn’t have helped.
  • Alexis Gomez also didn’t make the trip. He has a tender elbow.
  • Leyland confirmed that the Tigers had some offseason conversations about Juan Cruz, who just signed a two-year deal with the Royals.


Shame about Miner being roughed up. The rest of the pitchers did well though and Curtis stole a base!!
I am somewhat surprised at the how players can be stiff for a few days just sleeping the wrong way. I have never relied on just rest, drugs and physios using a regular monthly chiropractic checkup with my wife also using acupuncture when necessary.
Beck, are you aware of the treatment methods used by the team? Is Bonderman’s just being rested or is his shoulder tightness receiving treatment?

“Conversations” about Cruz aren’t good enough. DD’s failure to sign Juan Cruz is nothing short of negligent. That’s three years in a row that DD has failed to adequately address the problems of the bullpen. Not one single free agent has been signed by the Tigers to a multi year contract since before the 2006 season, when they signed Rogers and Jones to two year contracts. Cruz is a great pick up for the Royals, but DD is stuck on his methods.
Lyon should be able to replace Jones, but after that, we get to watch the same old cast that has failed the past two years. Rodney, Zumaya, Seay, Miner, and the NRI’s of the year.
Campusano= Cruceta= Bloom
Eischen= Mantei= Williamson
Mesa = Bautista = Rincon
Proven failures.

Marcus Thames had his first child almost 2 years ago, so I think this must be his second.


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