No simulated game for Bonderman

UPDATE @ 11:50am: The simulated game for Jeremy Bonderman that had
been scheduled for this morning has been scratched. The Tigers medical staff has put Bonderman on anti-inflammatory medication in an effort to get rid of the stiffness, which is centered in his throwing shoulder. He’s basically day-to-day until the stiffness goes down.

Bonderman said he’s been told that the soreness comes from getting that last bit of extension out of his arm. He said he felt it during both of his live BP sessions.

“I expected it to feel sore,” he said, “but I expected it to go away.”


Let’s hope it just stiffness.
Dontrelle on the other hand is a major concern. IMO, if he does not show realsings of being able to be a SOLID starter they need to get rid of him. Period. They can’t afford to carry him because of his salary and have him underperform. This is the kind of scenario that can contaminate a positive atmosphere in the clubhouse. I think we saw evidence of that last year while Sheffield, Pudge, and Dontrelle were overpaid for their under-performance.
It is early and while we have even heard JL go to the great lengths of saying Dontrelle looks “tremendous”, I would be disinclined to buy into that program. Just looking at Dontrelle’s photos on the Free Press photo gallery tell me that his follow through is still just plain awful. After release of the ball he looks like the perfect Capital “H”—hands and legs splayed out all over in two dimensions and no sign of follow through “toward” home plate.
Like I say it is early and I do admit I did not see him actually pitch, but this is what we saw last year.
I hope he can get it together because his presence (if it could mimic his early years), would be very beneficial.
My fingers are crossed that we don’t lose Curtis to injury during the WBC–or Cabrera or G-Man for that matter. Seems like the WBC format may be conducive for injuries due to lack of conditioning.
Game on radio today?

As to above comment. I don’t think that D is finished because of one performance. I think they need to give him every opportunity they can this spring to see if he can get back to his previous form–or something close to it anyway.
I am saying that IF he can’t answer the bell THEN cut your losses and don’t indulge in “Hope and Dream” because they have so much dough invested in him.

Indeed, the game is on radio today. Basically all the Saturday and Sunday games are on Tigers radio this spring, with some others on out-of-town radio that you might be able to pick up on the site.

I agree with you Dan, I am not ready to give up on Dontrelle because of one spring training outing, but it sure doesn’t make you feel realy comfortable with the outcome. I am mildley encouraged with Inges plate performance so far, that is hopeful. I am really discouraged with this Bondo news. A week ago it seemed like all the infor coming out of training camp was encouraging, well now it seems a little (although mildley) disheartening.

Jason if you are out there do who is scheduled to pitch today. I imagine it is going to be a lot of minor leaguers??

Jon Kibler will start and pitch a couple innings, followed by Bobby Seay, Brandon Lyon, Eddie Bonine and Kyle Bloom. I think Freddy Dolsi is on reserve to possibly pitch if they need someone to fill an inning.

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