Another injury for Team USA outfield

Colorado’s Brad Hawpe had to pull out of the World Baseball Classic with an injured left hand. No replacement was immediately announced, but suffice it to say, Granderson’s role on Team USA seems to be getting bigger.

Granderson is expected to play for the Tigers in Sunday’s game against the Pirates at Bradenton, weather permitting, before heading to Clearwater Sunday night for a Team USA. They’ll work out in Clearwater for most of next week and play a few Spring Training games before heading to Toronto next weekend for the opening round.


Where are all the NY Mets star players? I thought the rule was you had to send at least 3 regular players to road spring training games.

I’m not real thrilled with the WBC since it’s going to take away all the star hitters in the Tigers’ lineup. I don’t really care about watching minor league baseball. The one good thing though this probably means Gary Sheffield will be moved back up in the lineup to his usual number 3 spot. Hopefully he’ll get some good pitches to hit with Marcus Thames hitting behind him batting forth.

It was a nice win today for the Tigers no matter who they played against.

There is a rule like that, but it seems like every time the Mets come up here, they seem to skirt it. It would be interesting to see if the Tigers returned the favor when they head down there, but with so many players having homes in south Florida, they usually get a good number of star players to make the trip and then schedule a day off around it.

ah man thats bad..

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