Postscript on World Baseball Classic

Now that it’s official that Justin Verlander won’t be on Team USA, that clears the Tigers to put him on a pretty regular schedule of pitching once every five days. Project that out, and he should be on track to pitch Opening Day, though manager Jim Leyland hasn’t announced anything on that front quite yet.

Rodney’s a more interesting case. He said again this morning that he ready to pitch for the club again, as he did in 2006, but he wasn’t sure what happened. So it doesn’t appear that he pulled out. It looks like the Domincan team opted for some younger relievers, including Jose Arredondo and Rafael Perez. However, Arredondo looks like the only reliever resembling a closer on that squad.

As for Rodney, look for him to get at least one outing where the Tigers stretch him for 40-45 pitches, like pitching coach Rick Knapp plans to do with Brandon Lyon. For one thing, it gets his arm stretched out. For another thing, it gives him a chance to mix in his slider.

Also had a chance to check with Carlos Guillen, who suggested there’s a chance he could end up at DH in some opening round games. It would free up a corner outfield spot for Bobby Abreu, and it would ease some wear and tear on his knees playing on the artificial surface in Toronto.


Listening to the game on Gameday Audio. Nice to hear Dan Dickerson and even “Say it Twice” Price again.
Game tied at 3 and Brandon Lyon has given upo all the runs. An error (Inge), a walk, and a acouple of hits doing the damage. Seemed a lot like a Todd Jones inning. Lyon also had a couple of guys steal second on him.
Laird hitting the ball well today as has Inge.
Seay is now in the game. JL has taken out the regulars now and we have a lot of Rooks in now–Raburn in CF.
Seay threw 9 pitches–9 strikes and 3 K’s!!!! You gotta love that.

Was great to hear a baseball game again. Spring is here (well at least there) and will soon see baseball in Detroit again. Can’t wait until opening day, I will be there with bells on. LOVE IT

Sounded like a good all round performance. Always like winning close ones, reagrdless of the time of year.
I am really looking forward to the season. The depth and options we have across the board should more than cover any reasonable run of injuries all teams suffer through a season.
I hope Carlos goes well at DH.

Dave—you know something we don’t? (Carlos at DH?)
Here’s a novel idea. Unless Caspar Wells becomes another Dimaggio this spring–let him season in Toledo, keep Larish and Thames, (I don’t see them keeping Clevlen the way things have gone), trade Raburn and let Ramon try his hand as a backup CF. I’ll bet the guy can do as slick a job there as Raburn could and realistcally, how often are you going to need to replace Curtis in the lineup? JL will only need an emergency backup or a minor league callup due to injury so why carry a backup CF?
I see Hessman/Thames/Raburn as 3 RHB that could have trade value for the club. I would hate to see Marcus go but he does seserve bettter than he gets in Detroit. Hessman is a guy who I think could be an above average 3rd baseman (all-around) in the bigs. But his options here in Detroit are very limited. Actually in my mind he should be given at least a theoretical chance of competing with Inge for the job. Yes, Inge is as exciting a defensive 3rd sacker as you will find but he still is prone to errors and bonehead plays if he has too much time to think out there. I’m pulling for him but man–he is lucky to hit .240 IMO.
Ni gets the win and Bloom the save. That will be the last time we see that happen this year!

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