Porcello still humble

If an eye-opening session of live batting practice Friday was supposed
to inflate Rick Porcello’s ego, it doesn’t seem to have had that
effect. He was flattered by the praise he was getting from teammates,
including Miguel Cabrera, but he definitely knows it was live batting
practice and not a game situation.

“It was pretty cool just to face him, even in live BP,” Porcello said Saturday morning.

It’ll be interesting to see how player opinions build on Porcello this spring. It’s always the manager’s decision, but the players often create the buzz, since they’re the ones chatting more often and more informally with reporters. Many Tigers have said they were impressed with Porcello from Friday. Some agreed with the comparison to Jeremy Bonderman from 2003, but not in terms of stuff. It’s more about mentality.

Jim Leyland said Saturday morning that a team can protect a pitcher on its staff, maybe a starter and/or a reliever, but that’s about it. There’s definitely the sense that the Tigers could take Porcello at age 20 if they felt he was ready, but that has yet to determined.

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