Postscript on Ni

I didn’t include this in the story this morning (only so much room), but manager Jim Leyland had a lighthearted moment with Fu-Te Ni yesterday during his throwing session. As the session was wrapping up, Leyland wanted to get across the idea that Ni had one more pitch left, but obviously didn’t know the word in Taiwanese or Mandarin. So he just blurted out something — fuji was basically what it sounded like. His coaches thought he had been taking Chinese.


“Fuji” sounds Japanese anyway. Funny.
There was some footage I saw many years ago featuring former Yankees firstbaseman Joe Pepitone. He’d been released and decided to make a go of it in Japan, which wasn’t nearly as commonplace as it became in later years. So during his first game there, his manager came out to talk to the pitcher. Joe, as he’d done hundreds of times with the Yankees, strolled over from firstbase to listen in. He got all the way to the mound, seemingly not realizing he wouldn’t understand a word that was being said. He stuck his head into the huddle and his reaction was priceless. He recoiled and turned away, much as a person would do if they’d suddenly and accidentally come across a naked person. The next part of the video showed him standing about five feet away from the mound, grinning into his dugout as he good naturedly took the ribbing he was receiving from his new teammates. I’m sure he didn’t understand a word of that either.

Great story, Rich.

I can’t wait for the season to start and part of me feels the Tigers just might surprise us this year. If things remain the same through spring training (crossed fingers) they will start with a healthy team which is a huge plus. There are other positives, Inge won’t have that chip on his shoulder since he starts at 3rd, MCab has a year in the D under his belt.

I am, however, concerned that Leyland has not learned any lessons from his ineffective managing style last year. I am already cringing at his comments. “He looks good” is already burned into my brain and the season hasn’t started.

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