Friday morning update

Pretty quiet around here in Lakeland, where the combination of low temperatures in the 40s and strong breeze made for a chilly morning (relatively speaking, I know).

It’s another round of pitchers vs. hitters later on this morning, including Joel Zumaya on the mound. The more pitchers you talk to around the clubhouse, however, the more you realize this drill is basically about pitchers finding the strike zone with their pitches now that they have someone standing in the box as a reference point. Seeing how hitters react will be a job for the early Spring Training games starting next week.

Interesting comment from Jim Leyland in regards to Brandon Inge and his new hitting technique. Responding to the question of what was different for Inge this offseason compared with past years, when he had seemingly been unable to take in coaching on his hitting, Leyland said, “You can’t force yourself on somebody. They get signed because of a certain way they hit. It’s a game of adjustments, and hopefully that’s what he’s doing. Sometimes people have to fail a little bit.”

“You see Brandon and you watch him, and you know he can do it.”

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brandon inge – my favorite Tiger .. good luck

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