First day question: What's that hanging from Rodney's neck?

Now, I know, Fernando Rodney has had a lot of quirks over his years as a Tiger — the crooked hat, the singing, the big hair, the shaving of the head one afternoon last summer before a game at Baltimore. Somewhat surprisingly, he didn’t really stand out when he reported to spring training this year. Then when he was getting ready for the Tigers’ first workouts Saturday, he put on this necklace with something hanging off of it. It looked like some sort of animal tooth, but it had to have come from one big animal. So I asked Rodney what it was.

Well, according to Rodney, it’s an alligator tooth. When I asked him how he got it, he said he got it from a gator back home in the Dominican, wrestled one in the river.

Before you want gator wrestling added to Rodney’s contract, it’s probably a tall tale. His hometown in the Dominican is along the coast, not inland, so he’s more likely to encounter a shark than a gator. And if you look online, you can find jewelry involving alligator teeth. Nevertheless, it’s Rodney, and he wore that gator tooth all morning, so I figured it was worth telling.

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