TV schedule announced

Every game will be broadcast on some outlet — 156 on Fox Sports Detroit, the other six on FOX Saturday Baseball. There will also be four spring training broadcasts on Fox Sports Detroit — March 16, 19, 22, 29.


Just saw the headline about ARod – sad to hear about another player testing positive, especially one who denied it. Sad to see – starting to wonder who can be trusted – should anyone that receives awards such as MVP or breaks records should be automatically tested to make sure they did it “on their own” and not with any drug help?

sometimes I wish I could bury my head in the sand and believe there isn’t anyone who breaks the rules. Luckily I do still believe that a vast majority of players stick to the rules, but am I naive in thinking so? Even so I’ll have to continue to think so to keep myself happy.

Yeah, this is a tough situation. I’m fortunate in that I don’t put much stock in individual records since it’s a team sport, but I realize that baseball is more stats-based than any other sport, and that I’m an exception in this regard. All these records set over the past decade-plus are suspect, and this puts a large blank space into the progressive history of the game. The saddest part is that, for every Brett Boone type, you’ve got real stars like Bonds, Clemons, and A-Rod who had been and would have been great without chemical help.
Strangely enough, Bo Schembechler complained that the 1986 Arizona team that beat his Wolverines in the Rose Bowl was artificially pumped up. There are other college teams of that era that I suspect, but won’t name for obvious reasons. This problem goes back for quite a few years.

I hate those games on Fox (National Fox on Saturdays). Joe Morgan drives me nuts.

Joe Morgan is on ESPN, Joe Buck is on Fox.

Ya your right, but Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are even worse.

We are spoiled ’cause Rod and Mario are so awesome! I agree- I hate watching the Tigers on national TV. Hi everyone! I’m so excited the blog is getting busy again!


From the “someone’s always got it worse” category, I can’t even see the Fox games because they’re always blacked out here. I can only hope the regional game is rained out. I’d be more than happy to have to endure Tim McCarver. I see that MLB.TV makes the archive available 45 minutes after the final pitch, so I may just make those games Saturday evening viewing.
Speaking of McCarver, I spent last week watching portions of the 2006 WS, and what a painfully biased homer that guy was! Joe Buck at least tried to sound neutral. The way they inserted themselves into the Series and created that pine tar controversy with Rogers, it got me ticked off all over again.
I have lots of trouble getting logged in here. I enter user name and password, click “log in” then the page never loads. Anyone else experience this? I thought it may be that the entire site was bogged down with A-Rod comments, but it’s happened many times before too. Don’t know if it’s something on my end or not.

A-Rod is NOT news.. are we that bored? Fugeddaboudit!

As for Joe Buck, I think if he was to concentrate a bit more on actually “calling” the game, think Ernie Harwell, he has the goods to really be outstanding. Now Tim “FoulBall into the Nads” McCarver can come down with chronic laryngitis any time now, PLEASE.
There is absolutely nothing like the annual return of the Grrrrs!!!!! We have survived another winter and all is right with the world.
Hope we’re FINE in ’09!!!!!!

I’m in the same boat Rich. I should know this by now but does MLB TV charge for viewing the archived game? I could never understand the fairness behind blacking out games I feel I have already paid to see. Least they could do is let us watch the archived games without charging again. I know, they would argue that they let subscribers know up front what games are televised by FOX.
Steroids may not have ruined baseball but they have ruined the purity of statistics which I have always held pretty dear. Hank Aaron is still the all time HR champion in my heart.
Good post babaoreally55.
Stay safe everyone. Winds are really going to pick up tonight here in the northeast.

All I know, Marty, is that the archived games come with the annual package, which is what I always get. So you do get to see the game you paid for, albeit later. I also get the Extra Innings package on satellite (yeah I know it’s a lot, but it beats watching “American Idol”) and it gets blacked out too. The one advantage of having both packages is that, with MLB.TV, you get to choose the home or away feed. This comes in handy when the Tigers visit a certain wind-swept midwestern city on Lake Michigan with a couple of obnoxious announcers who shall remain nameless. 🙂
Yep, Hank Aaron. But the single most impressive HR feat in history is Roger Maris hitting 61 in 1961. He had more pressure on him than Babe Ruth ever dreamed of, he didn’t have press agents and pressrooms to make media demands less stressful, and he certainly didn’t have designer drugs helping him out. Plus he was barely tolerated by his own team’s fans. That was a truly herculean effort on his part. Amazes me to this day, and I saw him do it.
On the other hand, Babe Ruth hitting 54 homers in 1920 is like someone hitting about 200 in a season today. Also amazing.

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