Dombrowski on radio last night

WXYT had Dave Dombrowski on its Tiger Talk program Thursday night. Most of the interview repeated some of the same insights he had during TigerFest (albeit with a healthier voice this time), but there were a couple quotes to note.

First, he did not completely eliminate the idea of Rick Porcello making the club this spring. He essentially put him in the same group as Ryan Perry. At the same time, he said it depends a lot of how other pitchers in camp perform.

“A lot of people in our Minor League system that know Porcello feel that if he goes out there and he gets the ball every five days in Spring Training, which he will, that he will end up being one of our five best pitchers and in our rotation come the end of spring,” Dombrowski said. “I’m not ready to make that proclamation, but it tells you how highly regarded he is. And he not only has good stuff, he’s mature beyond his years. He’s a very intelligent individual, hard working. He’s a guy on the mound at a young age that knows how to think through situations and just does not throw harder, which is something that’s very difficult to teach. He’s a quality talent and I’ll be interested to see how he progresses this spring myself.”

Asked how the chances of Porcello and/or Perry making the club, Dombrowski said, “Time will tell. We’re not afraid to make that jump. I think a lot depends on not only how they pitch, but how other people on our staff throw. It’ll be interesting to watch the progress with those two guys.”

He also took care of the question fans ask every so often, about why the Tigers wouldn’t make a run at Manny Ramirez:

“When you look at it, there’s no question that Manny can swing the bat. But we’re in a position where first of all, we still think our offense is very good. We’re in a spot where we have spent a lot of money in the past, so we have really pushed our limits in that regard. Offense has not been our focus. If we were ever going to go out to make a big splash, I think it would’ve been on the pitching front. So for us, it just is a spot where to spend those type of dollars just does not make sense for us in our situation at this time.”


Not to mention that, once Manny joins a team, everything becomes about Manny. And people think Sheffield is a distraction……………
I wouldn’t be surprised if Porcello pitches his way onto the team in the spring. I would be surprised if he didn’t at least make some starts with the big club at some point this summer. I don’t recall ever being this impressed with such a young pitcher. Some guys are just prodigies.
This is going to be a fun season. I think last year’s “dull factor” is gone.

I know Sheffield’s a favorite target for fans, but I wouldn’t put him anywhere near the same group as Manny. Sheff never took a few days off with a mystery illness, as far as I know, and he has never allegedly had to remember which knee was hurting.

To be clear– I don’t want Manny on the Tigers either but I think there’s a flip-side to all of the Manny criticism:

The guy is a monster with the bat and his teams always play better with him. Check out this link (taken from Rob Neyer’s blog on ESPN):

Again– I’m sick of hearing about Manny and don’t want him on the team but man, he has a strong track record of success.

You can say what you want about Manny (and there’s a lot to be said), but what he did with the Dodgers this year was nothing short of spectacular.
So what are the Dodgers thinking? Are they better without him? Would they rather have him playing for the Giants? Is there any player in baseball that you would less want to p*** off and then end up signing anyway?
I don’t get it. And yes, the Tigers don’t need Manny and shouldn’t pursue him, under any circumstances…🙂

I don’t know Matt, the Dodgers offered Manny $25 Million for one year and $48 Million for two years. He (or Boras) turned the offers down. I don’t know that they can offer much more than that, especially since there haven’t been any other offers made public.

The Tigers need more production from that left field position. We started out last year rotating Thames with the guy we cut who came as a free agent from Minnesota. I believe that is an offensive hole that needs filling. I don’t believe Dombroski’s reasoning on Manny Ramirez. not being pursued by the Tigers because we need to count more on our pitching. We tried that last year. Ramirez is as far as I could tell is why the Dodgers got to the playoffs. Has he had an off year yet? I don’t believe so.

For the record, the Red Sox were 13 games over .500 at the end of July, when they traded Ramirez. They were 15 games over .500 for the final two months.

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