Parrish headed elsewhere

One potential signing that remained for the Tigers can now be crossed off. Lefty John Parrish has decided against accepting a minor-league contract and spring training invite, according to agent Joe Longo. Instead, he's close to accepting a similar deal to go to camp with Baltimore, his original organization, and compete for a starting rotation spot there.



I have a couple of questions I was hoping you could help me out with. The first one is when do single game tickets go on sale??? The other is are you aware if there are going to be any spring training televised locally on FSN this spring?

1. Single-game tickets traditionally go on sale around the first Saturday in March. I don’t know for sure, but I’m assuming that’s still the case.

2. No schedule out yet from FS Detroit (they took out the ‘N’ since last season), but I would be very surprised if there wasn’t at least one or two spring games on. There’s one night game on the Lakeland portion of the schedule, a 6:05pm game March 26 against the Rays, though that goes up against the start of the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament.

March 7 on those single game tickets, GK. It’s on the main site. First Saturday in March, as Jason says. Seems late compared to some other clubs. I purchased my tix for the Baltimore series just last night, in fact. I got so hung up on planning my spring training games that I nearly forgot to set up the regular season. Also considering Pittsburgh this year. Next year when the Tigers play the NL East will be the good one. I catch them in Philadelphia (great city), up there in Washington, and Baltimore of course. That’s assuming those will be road games for Detroit.

Philadelphia and Washington were road series for the Tigers the last time they played the NL East in 2007, Rich, so I don’t know how it’ll be in 2010. The Tigers have gone to Philly the last two times they’ve been part of the Interleague slate (2004 and ’07), so it might be time for the Phillies to come to Detroit. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Nationals park, though.

Jason and Rich, thanks for the info regarding the single game tickets. As I did last year we are taking all the nieces and nephews to a game for their Christmas presents. It was nice last year so I thought what the heck, a memory and something rather than a toy or clothes they will forget about in a year.

Rich we are also thinking about going to a game in Pittsburg as well this year. Maybe if we both still decide to go, we can meet up.

Absolutely, GK. I’ll keep in touch with you on this. The Pirates single game tickets go on sale February 21. tix can be ordered now, and they don’t cost near as much as many other venues. I’m pretty sure we’re going, but haven’t decided on a Fri/Sat or a Sat/Sun. We did visit PNC Park in 2006 and it’s a real beauty. Very friendly personnel, too. Sean Casey was playing firstbase for Pittsburgh, we had a 2-run lead in the 8th, then Rodney came in and the game fell apart. Not his fault, our infield suddenly had one of those innings made famous later that year in the WS.

Rich, I believe I was at that very same game in Pittsburgh, just before the All Star Game. I can’t remember if it was a Saturday or a Sunday now. Miner started the game I saw. The Tigers built a nice lead through about 5 innings. Then he faltered and the pen let Pittsburgh get right back into the game. Seems Rodney couldn’t throw a strike. Did it end something like 9-8 with Pittsburgh leaving the bases loaded in the 9th?…Tigers hung on to win but barely.
Do you remember Carlos hit one literally out of the park, over the right field wall and into the Allegheny River. It was a golf shot hit almost as high as it was deep…. fun to watch. I imagine Pirate fans get to see that fairly often (short right field wall) Then Shelton hit one onto the green bank over the fence in center. Lot of offense that day, both sides.
PNC Park is a very pretty park. I wouldn’t mind catching one of those games myself. Rich and GK, if you don’t mind keep me in the loop. Pittsburgh is about 270 miles from my home, which, believe it or not is the third closest park behind Toronto and then Cleveland.

I think you’re right Rich. The infield did break down, and Rodney did throw some strikes, but he threw a lot of balls as well. After the break Casey became a Tiger.

Marty, you were at the Sunday afternoon game which I listened to on radio (Pittsburgh) on my way home, till I lost the signal. I was at the Saturday evening game, with Bonderman starting. Rodney didn’t walk anybody but I remember complaining that he was working so slowly that his infield had gone to sleep. Sure enough, three errors in that inning. I think Fernando has stepped up the pace a little in recent seasons, although he’ll never work at a Verlander-like pace.
I’ll definitely keep you in the loop. I’ll be at the Saturday game for sure, but haven’t yet decided whether to pair it with the Friday or Sunday games.

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