Still no Verlander deal

A number of you have asked about Verlander talks and what’s going on there. Still no deal, obviously, but Dave Dombrowski sounded optimistic they could still get a deal done before the hearing later this month.

“We’re really still hopeful that we can get a deal negotiated and not go to arbitration,” Dombrowski said Monday afternoon.

The two sides are still talking, which is a positive sign, but that means little unless they can eventually get a deal done. And the fact remains that this is the latest I can remember the Tigers going with an arbitration case since Dombrowski took over before the 2002 season.

The hearing is set for Feb. 13, according to the Detroit Free Press. When the two sides exchanged figures a couple weeks ago, the Tigers asked for a $3.2 million salary, while Verlander’s side asked for $4.15 million. The thing to keep in mind here, and the thing that usually spurs a deal, is the chance to compromise somewhere in the middle. An arbitrator can’t do that; he has to choose one of the figures submitted.

Will it affect the relationship between Verlander and the team? I doubt it. Remember, Verlander’s father Richard is a union negotiator, so Verlander has a good general knowledge of the process. Also remember that negotiations were tough to get Verlander signed after the draft, with the Tigers backing away before Verlander’s father stepped in.


Well I guess Justin is a bit big for his britches. And after last year how do we know that wasn’t the “TRUE JUSTIN VERLANDER” and 2006 and 2007 wasn’t just beginners luck??? Don’t get me wrong I want him here but at the right price only.

Is this a one-year deal they’re talking, or a multiple? Or is that part of the negotiations? The actual salary numbers aren’t that far apart. Seems like one of those multi-year contracts with annual increases should work out, since some of the big salaries on the team will be going away.
I’m definitely out of my realm when talking contracts.

Details have been hard to come by. At this point in the process, I think you have to talk about a one-year deal and put off any possibility for a multi-year contract until later this spring or next year.

While keeping my fingers crossed that JV can have a good year, I have become a Galarraga fan and would like to see him become the Tiger’s ace. Better attitude by far.

Thanks to you fans that kept the blog alive over the winter. Rich, I love your knowledge of the game and the players.

Freep is reporting Verlander signed for $3.675 mil

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