White Sox set at second?

Word from White Sox GM Ken Williams is that the Sox aren’t likely to dip into the remnants of the free-agent market. That means, barring a trade, they’ll leave the starting job at second base open to competition between Brent Lillibridge, Jayson Nix and the Detroit area’s own Chris Getz.

“We have learned some tough lessons … throwing as much talent against
the wall is not necessarily the answer,” Williams said, according to the AP. “Things have to
fit in place.”

Sound familiar?

Am I the only one who thinks it would be quite fitting if Getz is part of that second-base fix? After all, if one of the Tigers’ most identifiable young players (Curtis Granderson) is from the south side of Chicago, why not have an important White Sox part from the Detroit area?

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How are the contract negotiations going with Justin Verlander? Are they talking, trying to work it out before it has to go to arbitration? What’s the chance that it will? Could it be that they will settle before that and then try to sign him for a longer term contract? Is Verlander the type of player that would want to leave Detroit if it does?

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