January 25th, 2009

Rogers retired? Part 2

rogers.jpgTalked by phone today with Rick Knapp, who clarified on his remarks on Kenny Rogers maybe retiring. He said he called Rogers in November, soon after being named Tigers pitching coach, and that Rogers said he was pretty certain at that time he was retiring. So, for that matter, was his wife. He hasn’t heard anything more since.

“I don’t know if it’s time,” Knapp said Sunday. “I think he’s still got
some fight in him. It’s just a matter of whether he wants to or not.”

With Rogers unsigned this late in the offseason, it seems like a no. I could very easily see Rogers quietly retiring without any formal announcement, let alone fanfare. He isn’t one to make a big deal.

A classy move on the part of Knapp, though, was that he’s welcome at spring training if he wants to stop by, even if it’s just to hit fungoes.

“But if you go,” Knapp said he told Rogers, “you have to promise not to take them.”


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