Report: Casey retires

Looks like there’s another former Tiger ready to hang it up. Rob Bradford at in Boston reports that Sean Casey is retiring to take a job with the new MLB television network. No word on whether he’ll be in studio or out on the field, or whether this means he can or can’t go watch his hometown Steelers in the Super Bowl next Sunday, but certainly best wishes are in order for him in this new chapter in his life.

For the record, Casey finishes his 12-year career as a lifetime .302 hitter, including .322 in 199 at-bats last year for the Sox, as well as a career .410 postseason hitter, and one of the best all-around good guys in baseball. His three-run shot for the Tigers against the Royals on Sept. 21, 2007 will go down as the last of his 130 home runs. His failure to beat out Pablo Ozuna’s throw from left field to first, Casey having not noticed the ball had fallen in, will go down one of baseball’s best bloopers and classiest reactions to an innocent mistake.


Good for Sean. Super classy guy. Even though he was only in Detroit a short while, I will always remember him as a Tiger.

Good for Sean, although I didn’t think that he was quite old enough to retire. I love Sean Casey and while he was here he was my Tiger. I loved his attitude, his smile and his play. Lord knows how many errors he saved our infielders. He was great and I will look forward to seeing him on MLB TV.

Jason – will you be posting any pictures from Tigerfest or the caravan for those of us who couldn’t attend???

Are there any live podcasts from Tigerfest of the interviews by Pat Caputo and Dan Dickerson of Dave Dombrowski, Jim Leyland and some of the players? I can’t find them on WXYT 97.1 or anywhere else. There was 2 hours of live broadcast from Tigerfest. I’d like to hear it.

Live well Sean. Hard to believe that 30 teams don’t have room for a LHB, slick-fielding, .320 hitter with a fantastic personality on their team.
Great guy and MLB has latched on to a winner.

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