Spring training dates announced

As expected, Tigers pitchers and catchers will have their first formal workout in Lakeland on Feb. 14, with the full squad working out on the 17th. For players in the World Baseball Classic, they have to report to their national team camps on March 2 — except for players from Asian countries involved in Pool A, who must report on Feb. 27. That means an earlier departure for recent signing Fu-Te Ni. So unless he pitches in the Tigers’ Spring Training opener Feb. 25 against the Braves, he probably won’t get into a game for Detroit until he returns from the WBC. Whether that puts him at any disadvantage for earning a spot remains to be seen. The Tigers will watch him in the tournament, so they’ll get some idea there how he’s throwing.


Good comments on the previous entries from Dan, Dave, and Marty, most or all of which I agree with. I read Morosi’s article too. Seems like, in the end, we’re supposed to be thankful for almost anyone that isn’t Rodney. His math regarding having $5M for a closer pretty much matched mine too. So here we are some 4+ weeks until spring training and nothing has been done on that front. Very very strange. 3.2 million customers last season didn’t put money in the coffers? This still leads me to believe that a trade will be made and the money used to sign the new guy, whoever he is, to a hefty contract. Who knows?
On an unrelated note: we sports enthusiasts constantly bandy about the word “miracle.” Kirk Gibson’s 1988 WS homer was a miracle. Teams make miraculous comebacks. Guys make miraculous plays. Well, what happened today in the icy waters of the Hudson River puts that talk to shame. That, my friends, was a true miracle.

It truly was Rich.

And thanks for the encouraging words Rich. I have no delusions of thinking I know anything about building a competitive team. Most of my entries are just opinions, and you know what they say about opinions…….. Now there are a lot of you guys on this blog who are real students of the game, and by that I mean you do your homework. It’s pretty impressive really the stats you guys dig up….and statistics are getting more sophisticated and focused every season it seems.
This team does need to either find or decide on a closer already on the roster. I like Fernando Rodney but not as a closer. I like him as a 7th inning guy. That way there’s still plenty of time left in the game if he comes in and walks or hits the first guy he faces. Take him out right there and plug the next guy in.
Now how about considering Nate and Zack as possible closers (8th and 9th inning guys)? They both generally have decent control. I know their names have been brought up in the past. You just never know until you try something.
Kirk Gibson’s WS pinch hit HR WAS something Rich. Probably more people (nationally at least) remember him for that moment than for all the years he played for the Tigers. As he rounded the bases pumping his arm, I remember thinking with pride “that’s OUR boy that did that”, yeah, he’s a Tiger. Just happens to have a Dodger uniform on.
As I’ve said before, probably too many times, I’d like to see our team develop it’s own young players and, in a perfect baseball world, if they’re good enough I’d like to see them stick around for their careers. I can’t help it, the standard has been set by my childhood baseball hero……..Mr. Al Kaline…..never played a game in the minors, never played a game in another uniform.
Good to see Marcus signed. I like the guy. A HR every 13 AB’s.

Well said Rich – we sometimes forget that the word “hero” and “miracle” get thrown around a bit too much until reminded of the true meaning.

I too am glad we have Marcus on our team, but that is me being selfish – for his sake I wish he could have gone somewhere that he could prove himself as an everyday player. Maybe he isn’t, but I feel like he never gets that shot.

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