Thames also agrees to one-year deal

In addition to Fernando Rodney, the Tigers avoided arbitration with
outfielder Marcus Thames by agreeing to terms on a one-year deal. Terms
were not immediately disclosed.
He’ll make $2,275,000. Thames is projected to return as
Detroit’s fourth outfielder after batting .245 with 25 home runs and 56
RBIs over just 316 at-bats.


I’m glad to have Marcus myself. His homer barrage in June helped move the Tigers above .500. Even if he does turn cold, his hot streaks are worth it.
On the Rodney situation, I can accept him as setup, but only if JL is quick to get him out of there when he so painfully doesn’t have it on a particular night. It’s just stupid to sit idly by while the whole world knows the game is going up in smoke. You need to be prepared to replace him quickly. This is the main reason I can’t accept him as a closer. Closer means there’s nobody else warming up. Also, if it takes a free agent year to motivate him, that’s not saying much about the man. I don’t care for this particular company line.
If Chad Cordero demonstrates that he’s healthy, the Tigers need to do whatever is necessary to get him signed. That’s just the bottom line on this closer business. Stay on top of it and outbid everyone else without flinching.
In a cranky mood,

Rich, I also thought JL’s comments about what it takes to motivate players as odd. If management sees money as being the major factor to this team, why did it then break the bank the past two seasons and pay top $$$ without any performance incentives?
I agree that Cordero is about the last closer out their but even if healthy, he is not going to be the ‘father’ figure this bullpen so sorely needs. His figures though are good with A career 2.78 ERA and 84% completed saves. They may be able to get the 26 yo on the cheap with a 3 year contract (on $6.2m before the labrum injury) for around $3m+$3m incentives escalating $1m each year achieved.
I understand Wood was out of our budget but not chasing hard for Saito or Hoffman was puzzling. The attached article on Hoffman sounds like he would have been a good role model in the bullpen.

Just read JP Morosi’s column on Isringhausen being a “natural fit” on the Tigers.
If natural fit means the place where an aged, overpaid veteran can go to achieve numerical career milestones then yes, this is the place.
I would not be surprised that they clone him in to replace TJ. The Tigers have been prone to repeating mistakes in the pursuit of hoping they will self-correct, given enough time. We all saw haw that philosopy worked last year.
With all due respect to Izzy, he is not the man we need closing for this team. Of all the critical positions where a dramatic acquistion can manifest itself in a team changing turn-around—this is the position. An impact closer, IMO, could actually transform this club into a contender.
Realistcally, we aren’t going to get one. In lieu of that we can hope and dream one of the kids will take over from Rodney or perhaps they will make more than a feeble attemp at Cordero.
I don’t know much, if anything, about Cordero, but if Rich is so high on him then he must have something worthwhile going for him. Not to mention that reps from a dozen other teams have shown interest too.
Wonder where all the excitement about Garcia went. One looks back into baseball’s history and sees all the good starters that converted to excellent closers. Could he do it?

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