Vance Wilson signs with KC

He signed a minor league contract without a spring training invite. The Matt Treanor signing pretty much ended his Detroit tenure, but hopefully this will be the start of Wilson's comeback from elbow problems.


Good for Vance– he deserves another chance. I hope he hits like crazy against the Twins and White Sox and I hope they don’t play him against us.🙂
As far as the bullpen is concerned, I really hope we extend an invitation to Cordero. I don’t think this should limit our interest in other pitchers but I don’t see the downside to bringing Chad in. If he can get healthy, he can be a good, if not great, arm in the ‘pen. If not, what do we lose? Not much.
In terms of closers that are still left, it looks like Hoffman is going to sign with LA. IMO, the best option available is Smoltz but you have to convince him to (a) leave the Braves and (b) agree to be the closer (I’ve read he still wants to be a starter). It would be great to see him in the old English D.
As far as anyone else left, Isringhausen is another old, injured name out there and I don’t know how useful he is and/or what he wants in a contract. If he’d take a minor league offer, I’d put it out there with the same reasoning listed above regarding Cordero.
I don’t think signing Cruz makes sense– he could be great but losing a draft pick is dumb. Lyons doesn’t seem to be very good… but might be worth a risk at the right price.
Am I missing anyone else? Unless someone really wants Thames/Raburn or one of our large contracts, I can’t think of a top notch closer that we could get in a trade as we just don’t have that many tradeable parts.
Any other thoughts? I think we should encourage DD to get on a plane and practice his sales speech for Smoltz. He’s the one guy that could make a huge difference in our ‘pen.

There’s not much out there. I would have taken Hoffman for no other reason than “Hell’s Bells” is a cool song, but yeah, I don’t think he’s leaving the west coast. I’d take Smoltz as a starter and put somebody else in the bullpen, if it came down to that. Tampa was looking at Jackson as a closer before the trade.
A trade would be the only possibilty, I think. Possibly a George Sherrill type? Here’s a crazy idea just for fun. Sign Grudzialanek to get him off our backs, then trade Polanco for a pitcher. 🙂
Well, there’s always Miner and Robertson. I’d be real serious about Cordero if there’s any chance he can come around.
And all the best to Vance Wilson. Good guy.

I didn’t realize that Treanor had signed with the Tigers. He’d been with the Marlins forever! Is he going to start?

Good for you Vance – I hope you can stay healthy and get a shot to produce – you always seemed like a good guy who just couldn’t catch a break.

Vance Wilson is one of the most down to earth, FRIENDLY, major league players I have ever had the opportunity to interact with. He is simply a good person. I hope he gets healthy and is given the opportunity to be as productive for KC as he was for us in ’06…….just not against us!

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