Smoltz set to sign with Red Sox

As reported by’s Mark Bowman, John Smoltz is heading north … to New England. The Red Sox will reportedly grant him his wish to remain a starter, not to mention incentives that will bring his salary to $10 million if he’s healthy and productive, and the chance to do it all for a team with World Series expectations.

Given a Boston Globe report that the Red Sox had been talking with Smoltz and his agent since before the Winter Meetings, the Tigers didn’t stand much of a chance, even with the Michigan connection.

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The old pros, Smoltz and Hoffman are now gone. Seems a shame they didn’t see fit to even try for Hoffman. Breweres signed him for less than they pay Brandon Inge.
The austerity budget DD is embracing is concerning. They have gone from free-wheeling high rollers to coupon clippers. I can see the need to be more fiscally restrained but they have to improve this ballclub and to sit back and throw away a whole season while the salary dust settles is, well, unsettling.
In my opinion, Illitch and management OWE this city the possiblity of having a competitive team. To improve from their LAST PLACE position of this year they need to significantly improve their roster. They have improved it, but only marginally. Everett? Jackson? These guys are decent ballplayers but they have arguably been redundant acquisitions. We had Santiago and 6 starters. I will admit that Laird was a good acquisition fulfilling a need on the roster.
The inability (or ignorance) , to secure a true closer is mind boggling. I know we keep hearing talk of fixing this but this glaring deficiency in the makeup of the roster not being addressed earlier, smacks of indeciscion or a resignation that is hard to swallow. If managemnt can’t be serious enough to adequately address this problem they will see that their fan base will not be as serious in their ticket purchasing this year. If that happens, we are going to see an even more austere Illitch and henchmen doing even less to attract the quality the club needs.
With Jackson here and Miner out of a starting role there is a possibility they experiment with him as their closer. If anybody on this roster can do that job–it’s probably Miner. I think he has the demeanor to come in and get the ground ball and blow strikes by hitters if need be. He has always approached his varying roles with class and determination and been able to adjust. I am not saying they should figure he is the answer to the closer problem nor would I feel comfortable with them not getting an experienced closer, I am only saying that if they do nothing and go into failsafe mode on this issue he should at least be considered.
If they can get some production in the starting rotation from either Willis or Robertson and if they fix the bullpen problem this team should be able to contend. The bottom of the lineup notwithstanding.

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