Cordero to throw for teams this week

To relay a note from last night …

Former Nationals closer Chad Cordero will be throwing for teams starting this week, an industry source confirmed. To characterize it as a showcase, however, would be a little too formal. At this point, Cordero and his representatives are encouraged enough about his progress from labrum surgery last summer that they’ve invited teams to send scouts and watch his regular throwing sessions at a training facility near his home in Anaheim. He’s currently throwing from distance off flat ground on a schedule that should put him on a mound in early February and throwing side sessions when pitchers and catchers report to camps later in the month.

The Tigers are one of several teams who have expressed interest in Cordero this offseason, and they’re expected to watch him. Reports have also said the Brewers, Diamondbacks and Nationals will watch. A slow-moving market for free-agent relievers arguably works to Cordero’s advantage, allowing him to progress and prove himself before getting a deal, potentially with a chance to close again if he can be ready for games around the start the season.


Well they certainly have to do something. I don’t think banking on a sore-armed rehab project is the answer though. Cordero has been pretty consistently good over his short career with a nice WHIP but how many sore arms can we have Kevin Rand work on?
No, we need someone who is proven, effective and “can hit the ground running”. Period.
We might see some sparkle from Fien or Perry or Satterwhite or some other minor league entity, but for the stability and confidence this team requires—they need a “closer” type closer. Develop the kids, yes. Engage in a little “hope and dream”, yes. But this is an area they can’t fool around with. A good acquisition here will mean more than in any other department.
Gomez is a nice guy. But again, this is another weak-kneed excursion into mediocrity. Yes, he performed on a grand stage beyond expectations but then virtually vanished. What can you reasonably expect from him? Clete Thomas and Ramirez, followed by Wells are next in line as outfielders. I would imagine Clevlen has lost his chance but one never knows what will emerge from spring training. Somehow, I don’t see Raburn making the squad this year, even with all his versatility.

Dan, I’m not sure how many of those closers are out there. At this point, whoever they sign or trade for is likely going to come with some sort of downside risk.

Folks, we got no closer. Nobody. If they are looking to ROdney (only ont he days when he has his good stuff) then we got trouble right here in River City. You need someone with consistency and we don’t have it nor do I expect us to have it. That will mean the starters through 6 or 7, and then we go on Mr. Toad’s wild ride for the remaining innings…. just like last year.

I am about as optimistic as anyone I know, but I am starting to get nervous about our closer situation. Do I think Fernando has the “stuff” to be a successful closer? ABSOLUTELY! Has he proven that yet? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But who knows, he’s never gone into spring training as a closer. Perhaps that will be the difference needed. Knowing he is the man and having all spring to prepare for that is a luxury he has never had! Let’s hope so.

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