Postscript on Hernandez

One thing that I didn’t mention about the Indians hiring Chuck Hernandez as bullpen coach but should have is the emphasis he places on preparing for an opponent. That was a major thing Tigers pitchers mentioned about the difference he made in 2006, how he put together the game plan for opposing hitters.

As a pitching staff, the Indians accrued a 5.29 ERA against the Tigers last year, including 5.09 from Cy Young award winner Cliff Lee. Only the White Sox hit more home runs off Cleveland pitchers (29) than the 27 that Detroit hitters did. Granted, there were some brilliant performances from Indians hurlers mixed in there, but that was the sum total. Hernandez was obviously brought over for his coaching ability and his work with some of Detroit’s young pitchers, but after three seasons of watching Tigers hitters, he can certainly help the Tribe on one game plan.

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relyod48 on Chuck Hernandez …….. Whatever credit you want to give him for the first half of 2006, can be negated by the last two and a half years of apparent blindness in recognizing the mechanical breakdowns of his pitchers. When pitchers begin missing high and away, and falling radically off the mound, there’s a problem with their delivery. Usually it’s something minor, like dropping the elbow or rushing the windup, which makes the throwing arm drag behind the landing foot. Pretty simple, yet Hernandez never seemed to catch those little obvious and basic things quick enough to help any of his pitchers get out of a jam. No fan of Chucky here!

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