Indians hire Hernandez as bullpen coach

In case you missed it, Chuck Hernandez has not only landed on his feet, he’ll see quite a bit of the Tigers in his new gig as Indians bullpen coach. He’ll be working alongside Cleveland pitching coach Carl Willis — in fact, he’s doing that right now, traveling with him to the Dominican Republic to watch Fausto Carmona and Adam Miller pitch in winter ball


Good for Chuck– I was glad to see him move on as I didn’t see the staff making any improvements. That being said, he was kinda the fall guy– a la Mike Martz last season for the Lions– for a bad season… Glad to see him doing well.

“Fall guy” was the term used in the article, too.

Jason- I read a lot of your stuff and think you have many good points.

LAst year when I first heard the negative statements towards Chuck Hernandez I thought they were unfair. But the more I thought about it, none of the Tiger’s pitchers have improved since 2006- and who was the most successful pitcher in 2008? Andre Gallarraga- the pitcher with the least experience under Hernandez on the roster. One other point – what was the Tiger’s record while leading after the 7th inning? It had to be horrible- thus pointing out their biggest need! Thanks – John

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