Galarraga places fifth in AL rookie balloting

While Evan Longoria was a runaway winner and Alexei Ramirez placed second, Galarraga actually received more third-place vote — nine out of a possible 28 from the BBWAA voters — than anyone else. However, Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Aviles received a few second-place votes, enough to place third and fourth respectively.

Still, not bad for Galarraga, who wasn’t expected to get much time in the Majors in the first place.


Hey Guys,

Quick post about a closer for the Tigers. The option that makes the most sense to me is Hoffman. If the Tigers believe that their young guys– Fien and Perry along with whatever Zumaya and Rodney have left– can fill the bullpen in the next few years, it doesn’t make sense to dump tons of money on a high profile closer. I can see Hoffman serving the role that Percival did in Tampa last year– he’ll be the closer and mentor for all of the other young guys while they try to sort out the plan for the future. Hoffman is a serious stud and I hope they go after him hard.
As far as the rest of the market, the only intriguing guy to me is Cruz out of Arizona. he was lights out last year in a set-up role. The rest of the guys– K-Rod, Fuentes, and others– all have high price tags and/or serious question marks.
Just my quick two cents.
PS– hoping Larish can man the hot corner with Inge as a defensive replacement/utility guy. Also hoping Ryan can win the catching job… and still don’t see anyone that’s better than Santiago at third…

What about trying to pick up Casey Blake at 3rd base? I know that Inge is there for now but why not move a guy in there with a bat and maybe try inge over at short.

Trading either Willis or Robertson for Lugo. The pitchers you have around for two more years at $22 & $17m or Lugo for $18m with a possible 3rd year.
If you had to make the trade, I would keep Nate over Dontrelle. Nate’s mechanics are at least sound and he could go well initially in a revitalised bullpen.
I didn’t see much of Lugo before he got injured mid year but my recollections were he lacked energy and/or confidence. If Lugo is not a team player, forget it. If it is purely age related and not injury that caused his defensive stats and range to head south and be worse than Renteria’s, also forget it. Do not trade a mistake for a longer mistake.
Surely some of our current AAA players can bat 260 without the error and range problems.
With pitching our main issue, keep both and you never know who Knapp may be able to turn around.

Absolutely right, Dave. Everything about Lugo sounds worse than Renteria. Let Knapp evaluate these pitchers before dumping any of them.

He was disappointed in Renteria’s performance last year, why in the heck would you trade for someone by all appearences is worse?? Makes no sense to me. Give Santiago a shot, save the payroll and go after pitchers.

Wow– I really don’t like the idea of trading for Lugo. Obviously, the Robertson and Willis contracts are expensive and difficult to swallow. Additionally, it would be nice to have a veteran that could platoon with Santiago. However, if you’re going to trade Robertson or Willis for Lugo, you’d hope to accomplish at least one of the following factors:
1) Improve your defense.
2) Decrease your payroll.
3) Pick up a player with a bigger upside than the one you’re trading.
Lugo doesn’t fit any of those factors. I’m hoping they reconsider as this just seems like a poor idea.

I hope this talk of Lugo is just a form of radar jamming. I never thought I’d say “keep Renteria” but I prefer him over both Lugo and Greene. If they need a backup to Santiago then get a cheap one.
Some of this stuff doesn’t make any sense. Hope it’s just hotstove talk and nothing else. I remember saying the same about Renteria, though.

Hey all,
This trade talk is totally absurd!!! Do they not see what they have in Razor! I understand that he has never had a great bat, but come on Julio Lugo?!? We really would be much better off keeping Edgar. I also would hate to see Nate go, he has the right stuff. Not to be great, but to get the job done. He is sort of a follower, it seems to me he thrives off that “non-existant” team chemistry. Willis is another story, not sure what they should do with that one. Anyway, lets hope they get our posts (lol) and realize Lugo is not the answer the fans are looking for. GO TIGERS 2009 -Stacy

They’re doing a good job of getting us to accept the return of Renteria next season. 🙂
My usual policy is to ignore all the offseason speculation and I think I’ll return to that stance.

As usual, the Tiger fans here seem to have a pretty good understanding of what is good and bad for our ball club.
Lugo is a regressive step and a descent back to the “hope and dream” approach that drove us collectively crazy this year. Sure, getting rid of Nate or Willis may be helpful, but not for Lugo. Note that he hit .139 with RISP, also note the errors. Plus we don’t need a brooding overpaid shortstop on our hands.
I am detecting a front office fixation on dollar signs this year and that scares me. I wouldn’t be broken-hearted to see us get something for Nate. Willis is more of a mystery and his age factor might justify keeping him a bit longer. We might get something of value with him on the mound whereas with Nate we can can only epect and hope for mediocrity. Though he might do well out of the bullpen as posited here before.
Ramon could (perhaps even should) be given the chance to play. He has heart and he has skill. To pick up an expensive retread for a year and “hope and dream” that Iorg will be ready is ludicrous. Money would be far better spent in pursuing a dependable backstop that can play everyday if Dusty Ryan can’t quite cut yet.
That money is also need for a closer, which is critical. We simply do NOT have one. Zumaya is less than a 50/50 chance of succeeding and he never will succeed if he is prematurely thrust into the role. Rodney seems to be better suited as an 8th inning guy. If he could throw strikes and get a little meaner out there then perhaps there is a chance for him as closer, but those are big IFs. Wouldn’t mind seeing Putz here.
Some of the guys in the Minors are looking interesting, Fien, Darrow, Perry and we don’t even hear a squawk about Blaine Neal anymore.
I am still hoping for a Magglio trade. One that frees up the company coffers and in return lands us a quality starter and leadoff man. This would also improve our team speed and defense. He’s been all we can expect but his batting champ days are gone and he will soon slide under .300. Now’s the time to get something for him and improve the team.
I’m still not sold on Inge at 3B this year. We can’t survive a .200 contribution from that position–I don’t care how many diving stops he makes. Call me insane but I would still rather see Big Mike there. But, I expect we will see a “Lotta Larish” out there this coming season.
I grudgingly accept the annual experiment with Guillen once more. Bothers me how this will affect Thames, Thomas and Joyce though.
I didn’t intend to wade into the roster situation and really was prompted to post just to say:

NO L-U-G-O !!

Good to hear from you. I like the idea of Maggs for a leadoff hitter but do you have any thoughts on who that could be? Perhaps you’re thinking a youngster from someone’s minor leagues or are you just throwing out a hopeful idea.

I’m hopeful that Larish will prove to be the answer at third base. Inge doesn’t hit well enough to justify a full-time position– his contract notwithstanding– and Larish’s left handed bat helps balance out the lineup (and prevent some potentially stupid roster move to bring in a left handed bat… Matt Stairs, anyone?)

That’s all. I still believe that Hoffman is the best option available. Pick him up and play Ryan at catcher, Santiago at short, and Larish at 3rd. If Larish struggles, send him down and play Inge. If Ryan or Santiago can’t cut it, make a trade or bring someone else up or sign an older catcher (Vance Wilson anyone?) that might be able to tutor Ryan.
One final point: Lugo is a bad pickup. If we’re going to trade Robertson or Willis, get something useful back and/or just tell the fans that you didn’t want to pay the contract and trade for nothing.

If you stop commenting on trade talk Rich, you are stronger willed than me. Much better to vent frustration early when we like to think it can matter!!
I was looking for the right word to describe Lugo and Dan’s ‘brooding’ is perfect.
DD has forgotten the end of season review and just can’t help himself in making a deal with anyone who calls. The other Manager’s must love him!!
Maybe we can expand on Brentbushushey’s 3 points into a list of 10?? Commandments by which DD must tick off before making a trade.
1) Improve your defense.
2) Improve your pitching.
3) Decrease your payroll.
4) Pick up a player with a bigger upside than the one you’re trading.
5) Don’t pick brooders – team chemistry does exist!!!
6) If a player over 30 has waning stats, do not sign under any circumstances unless all of the other points are met, and only on a short term contract.
7) Remember to value the farm as opportunities to be nurtured, not pieces to be traded.
8) Was the guy being offered on my realistic wishlist of players or just a ‘dud’ they want to offload??

#9: Will Jim Leyland play the guys I get him or will he find excuses not to?

Get a load of this folks:

Tom Hansen (Atlanta Braves prospect)
22 years old
6’6″ 210 #

He’s throwing for the Mesa Solar Sox in the Arizona Winter league.
He’s 5-0 with a 0.63 ERA
In 28 IP he has struck out 49 batters and walked 7 while allowing 10 hits!
They can have Dontrelle or Nate (maybe both).
No, I don’t have anyone in mind for leadoff but we could use a road-runner there and drop Curtis down to the middle of the order. I’d take Rollins or Reyes or even Ramirez (Hanley) if anyone would be so kind!
I hope our Hot Stove works out better than last years.
BTW–Congrats to America on the great voter turnout this year. We are in troubled waters in this world and it was very nice to see the interest of our American neighbours vote responsibly.

#10. Don’t trade Maggs. We already made too many trades and have not made our team better. What happen to the days of having a farm system to replace players that retire or their contract runs out. Yea, we need a closer. With the 2 inches of snow we got and more on the way, is it spring taining yet? Go Tigers in 2009! –Dave

Nothing like a terrible trade proposition to get this board hopping again!

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